286- The Fuck It Bucket

by Aleisha

The f*ck it bucket is where you put all of the jobs and things and things to buy you thought you would get around to doing before your wedding but have run out of time or care. These items are tasks are things you thought would be important at the early stages of planning but now…bye!

This episode was inspired by a Reddit thread with couples shared lists of everything they were throwing in their f*ck it bucket. It's a cathartic exercise will help you just let go and move on and it's very funny. 

It's not to say that these tasks and items aren't fun and great if you have them it's more about allowing yourself to say 'it doesn't really matter and no I want notice'. 

I'm looking forward to hearing more of your f*ck it bucket experiences make sure you head to our group The Bridechilla Community on Facebook this week to check it out. 

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Here’s a bunch of things that really don’t matter. You can chuck them in the fuck it bucket and move on

Rehearsal Dinner:
It’s basically a whole other event and it’s held at peak wedding stress time. If you can’t afford it or do care. Chuck it.
The day-after-brunch
You are tired, hungover and the thought of being ‘on again’ exhausts you.  Ditch it.
Photo booth
Silly hats and moustaches don’t maketh a wedding. Can’t be bothered finding all of this stuff. Forget it. 
Hotel blocks
Let people book their own hotel rooms.

Gift bags
This isn’t the Oscars. Fuck it.

Bridal Party Gifts…gifts in general
Too many gifts! Next we’ll be getting people a ‘thanks for RSVPing gift’, of wait, that’s the whole freaking wedding

Ask any couple how often they read their wedding guest book. 0 Zero fucks.

Engagement pictures
Unless these come in a package deal, you don’t need them
Reception games
Custom cocktails
Booze is booze. They’re fun but a good vodka soda gets me just as excited as a custom jobby

Send off
Are we still doing this?

Hand painted Signs
I like to look at these on Pinterest but by God, who has the time?

Chair Covers
Fuck them!
Fancy Napkins
Ikea make very nice paper napkins in the best patterns and color ranges
Boutonnieres and flowers for the mothers
If you aren’t ‘flower people’ ditcheroo

Cake cutting
If gathering people to watch you cut a cake isn’t on your bucket list, you know which bucket you can put this in.
Garter or bouquet toss
No one needs to see a guys head up a ladies skirt, removing a piece of lacy elastic. No one.

Return address stamps
There is no scientific prof that this will make people return RSVPs quicker.
Cake servers
You will never use them again. Never.  
Bridesmaids shoes
Let the ladies wear their own shoes or pick shoes they will wear again. Haven’t they suffered enough?

Dance lessons
I think I’m over the surprise, the couple have been doing dance lessons for 6 years routine
Any sort of getting ready pyjamas or robes
TBH can’t be bothered

Cake toppers
I like these, especially the fun ones but I assure you, the wedding will not cease without a cake topper

Bridesmaid invites
Just ask them, with your mouth…voice, you know what I mean

Special glassware

You don’t need personalized ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ glassware for your wedding. The wedding dress and suit gives it away. 

Do you have things on your fuck it bucket list? I'd love to hear about them! x

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