288- The Rise of the Intimate Wedding

by Aleisha

The Rise of the Intimate Wedding

By Emily Sullivan,  Emily Sullivan Events 

Intimate weddings are on the rise, whether that means keeping it close to home or jetting off to an exotic locale. Couples are choosing to take this path so that they can create an event that is truly unique to them with the people that they cherish the most. So is this the right choice for you?

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Intimate weddings have a guest count between 20 – 75 guests, although we have had one for as few as 6 guests. Some might want to have a smaller wedding but know that the guest count is going to be a hurdle. Be sure to set expectations ahead of time. Whether that means giving a specific number of people your parents are able to invite or evaluating friends and family. I suggest if you haven’t spoken to the person in over a year then you can remove them from the list. If you are choosing to have a destination wedding, a good rule of thumb that I tell my clients is that 80 percent of the invited guests will attend. With that being said, you should never over invite either- just in case!

Money plays a huge role in this decision as well. The main costs tend to be food and alcohol, and there is a big difference between 100 guests and 65. A smaller wedding could allow you to have something unique and customized. Weddings of only 20 guests can easily have a 5 to 6 course plated meal, while if you have something closer to 200, a buffet or stations might serve you better.

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With fewer guests, you can also create a wedding weekend with multiple events or even have the entire wedding stay in one location. The festivities can kick off Friday with a welcome party so everyone can gather and meet. Then Saturday you can plan activities for everyone prior to the ceremony. A leisurely brunch and tour around town is a great way to end the weekend and say goodbye to your guests.

Think of an intimate wedding as the most fabulous dinner party you will ever throw. You truly get to enjoy the day with the people that you love the most and spend more money focusing on creating a unique experience that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Emily Sullivan is the owner of Emily Sullivan Events, a full-service wedding planning company based in New Orleans and serving couples everywhere.

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