Social Media 101: Creating a Wedding Hashtag and more!

by Aleisha

Social media has become such an ingrained part of our society so quickly, it’s almost frightening. We check Twitter for our news, Facebook to keep up with family, and Instagram because who doesn’t love seeing everyone’s beautiful lives? Social media and weddings have gone hand in hand in recent years, but there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about it. If you are ready to embrace all the hashtags for your upcoming nuptials, then give our Social Media 101 guide a go!

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Why have a Wedding Hashtag?​​​​

Wedding hashtags are the “it” thing; if you don’t have one, you might feel like you’re doing something wrong! You certainly don’t have to make a hashtag for your wedding but there’s a few benefits to it:

  • A wedding hashtag gives you an easy, searchable way to find all of your guests photos on social after the event.
  • A wedding hashtag can add personality; if you’re a light-hearted couple you might create a humorous one. If you are more sentimental you might create a meaningful one. Either way, it adds your own touch as a couple to the entire event.
  • It’s fun for the guests; they get to feel like they are joining in and being a part of the day in their own way.

Consider deciding on your wedding hashtag early, so that it can be used throughout the planning process and for events like the bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinner.

Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat geofilters are not just for big brands. Anyone can create one for their event and it’s easy and fairly cheap to do. Snapchat has a very easy online editor that allows you to create one before the event.

The first step is to figure out your visuals! They do have plenty of built in templates, but if you want to create something yourself, you certainly can. Whether you’ve got the graphic design bug or you go to a professional, you can upload a PNG file with a transparent background directly to Snapchat’s website.

After you’re pleased with how amazing your filter looks, you choose the dates of the event! If you have multiple events in one weekend, you might even want to splurge on a filter for each major moment. Once you choose dates, Snapcat will give you a map to draw your geofence. Basically, this means drawing the area around your venue so that the filter can be used within that area. The bigger your geographical area, the more money it is going to cost. There is also a minimum size of 20,000 square feet, so make sure you hit that before you try and submit!

Once you submit, Snapchat has to review your filter and make sure it follows all the rules, so nothing offensive, original designs only and use proper file types! Their approvals happen fairly quickly as long as everything is within terms of service.

Hashtag Photo Printer

Did you know there are now rentable photo printers that will print photos that use a specific hashtag? They are pretty cool if you don’t want to splurge on a full photobooth set up, but you know people are likely going wild with your hashtag on the big day. These printers let people take a photo with your wedding hashtag, post it on Instagram or Twitter, and then get a print in just minutes.

The cool thing about this, is you don’t have to pay exorbitant rental fees for a full photo booth, nor do you need any photographer on hand to take photos for you. The guests get to be their own photographers and can move around the venue as they please taking photos and get mini print outs as keepsakes. It can even double as your wedding favors!

Photo courtesy of Pexels

What to Avoid

There’s a lot of awesome things you can do on social media for your wedding, but there’s also some general don’ts and things you want to avoid.

Don’t Create a Wedding Hashtag That Is Too Long/Hard To Spell

No one is going to use a hashtag that is too long; keep in mind, especially for Twitter, people have a character count limit. It might be a bit ridiculous to ask them to add a 30 character hashtag to their photos. On that note, don’t choose anything hard to spell or you are going to spend hours after the wedding searching every possible mispelling for photos that you might have missed. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Don’t Give Everything Away

It’s fun to have some element of surprise to your wedding day. Whether it’s limiting posting to after the ceremony or asking guests to not post specific moments, it is totally fine to reign in some of the social media sharing. After all, as much as you want people to experience the fun with you that couldn’t make it, you also want your guests to be experiencing it in the moment as well, and feeling special for being there.

Don’t Post Drama

This is a tip for both couples and guests; don’t post drama. If Uncle Tim is drunkenly hitting on one of the bridesmaids, maybe don’t put that video up on Facebook, no matter how funny it seems at the moment. Don’t post statuses or photos about people fighting, awkward moments, or anything that might detract from the day. It just doesn’t need to be out there in public for all to see.

About the Author: Christine Melgarejo is a Social Media Consultant  from NYC, and a bridechilla-to-be. She helps businesses and entrepreneurs establish themselves on social media. She's also obsessed with Instagram Stories.

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