Unique Honeymoon Ideas for Adventurous Couples

by Aleisha
Unique Honeymoon Ideas for Adventurous Couples | The Bridechilla Blog | Guest Post by Doug Weissman, Travel Writer for Zicasso Luxury Travel

A honeymoon is a needed escape from the constant ruckus of wedding planning. Even Bridechillas and Groomchillas doing their best to follow wedding hacks will feel the stress of planning a wedding, whether due to the time it takes, the money involved, or the pesky opinions of friends and family that always seem the find their way into the planning process. I don’t care if Aunt Muriel prefers trout to Salmon, thinks we need a full orchestra instead of a single DJ, and wants a seat cover on all chairs at all times; we aren’t planning a wedding around Aunt Muriel!

Just like with weddings, your honeymoon shouldn’t be stressful but it often ends up inducing panic. You try to plan the perfect romantic getaway filled with endless memories of moonlit walks on a beach in Maui or sipping hot cocoa with a window to the powdery slopes of the Swiss Alps. Instead, you’re arguing with an airline while you’re stuck in the airport because your flight was cancelled and they couldn’t fit you onto another plane to the Bahamas. No one wants to be stuck in an airport for 12 hours with their recently beloved thinking in a sarcastic tone, “these are the memories we will always hold dear.”

Let’s face it, the honeymoon takes a necessary backseat to the wedding during the planning stage—for good reason—but that doesn’t mean your honeymoon can’t give you the moonlit walks you hoped for or the cocoa-sipping mountain hideaway you dreamed of. In fact, a honeymoon should be about you as a couple, personalized to the way you want to travel.

Just like Aunt Muriel’s opinions about the wedding, a honeymoon needs to reflect the type of experience you want, turning anywhere into a signature destination. As no two couples will have the same wedding, no two honeymoons should be alike, which is why we’ve provided honeymoon inspiration for four different types of couples.

The Pop Culture Couple

Spend a day wandering around historic Toledo, which became a World Heritage Site in 1986.

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television shows around, causing shrieks of panic and joy, inducing stress levels similar to when planning a wedding. A 12-day tour of Spain captures the real-life filming locations for the series blending the scenery from season 7 with actual fortresses and palaces, minus the dragons.

Walk along the black sand beaches of Vik where Jon Snow began his mission to capture a White Walker.

The true pop culture couple can keep pace with the glamour of the series, traveling to Iceland on a 7-day Game of Thrones tour to reminisce about the love of Jon Snow and Ygritte, who’s real-life alter egos—Kit Harington and Rose Leslie—became engaged in September of 2017.

The Adventurers

Hike through a sassafras forest and past a waterfall to Lake St. Claire, a glacial lake in Cradle Mountain National Park.

Rarely can one trip offer enough adventure to last a lifetime, but the 17-day tour of Australia captures the highlights of the continent Down Under along the east coast of Queensland, traveling down to Sydney, and touching the remote, pristine forests of Tasmania.

Start your trip with two days of scuba diving or snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. It’s the largest coral reef and the largest living thing on Earth.

The active couple gets to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef and hike through Daintree National Forest before they kayak off the coast of Tasmania. Experience the stunning countryside and the splendors of physical diversity.

The Chocoholics

Spend your afternoon wine tasting in Umbria’s hilltop villages.

Chocolate lovers deserve a chocolate paradise in the classic medieval towns of the Italian region of Umbria on an 8-day tour. Chocolate equals passion, romance, delicacy, and inspiration, which provides endless gratification in a country celebrated for its pleasures. Step away from the store-bought candy bars, as delicious as they can be, for a tour worthy of social media in its landscape, architecture, and the chocolate that flows like water.

Bora Bora and Chill

Relax in your bungalow with a private massage after a week of paddle boarding, bike ridding, and hiking.

The true Bride- and Groomchilla know how to relax, and there couldn’t be a better place to chill than in French Polynesia and Bora Bora with a week-long honeymoon featuring iconic over-water bungalows. Crystal clear water? Check. Watch fish swimming from a glass floor panel in your room? Check. Luxury suites and spa treatments? Double check. A four-by-four jeep tour of the forest? Yes, please.

Zicasso has taken the exasperation out of traveling, providing a perfect way to enjoy your stress-free honeymoon and relax after the emotional rollercoaster that is the Wedding.

About the author: Doug Weissman is a travel writer for Zicasso. In May, he proposed to his girlfriend of three years in front of the Bajos del Toro waterfall. He planned his Costa Rican proposal with the help of Zicasso’s travel specialists. Zicasso is a luxury travel referral service that matches guests with travel specialists around the world. Specialists handcraft custom vacations according to guests’ interests. 

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