294- Secret Life of Weddings- Crossover Show

by Aleisha

This week I was invited by fellow podcasters Lisa Mark & Rebecca Lozer to appear on their show, The Secret Life of Weddings. As professional wedding photographers with over 20 years of combined experience, they share wild wedding stories from around the globe.

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Who are Lisa & Rebecca?

"Who are these two podcast hosts? WTF do they know about weddings anyway?"

Well, first of all we don't appreciate your tone. Secondly, we happen to know a few things because we have been wedding photographers for over 20 years combined in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Yes, we've seen the craziest stuff you can imagine. Do we share our own stories? Not usually - but it does happen, rarely ...

Mostly we share the wildest wedding drama from our listeners and from the news. Remember what they say - truth is stranger than fiction. As we say at the end of every episode - anything can happen at weddings ... and we will be here to tell you all about it.

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