How to save big money using cashback sites

by Aleisha

ready to save some money?

I am sure you will agree, that any money saved during your wedding planning journey, is a good thing and by adding one extra step to your online purchasing routine, you will be saving 2-25% off BIG wedding purchases. 

Saving 4% here and there with your wedding purchases, on the surface may seem like it won’t make a dent in your wedding budget, however when you combine those savings with other discounts and multiply them over all of your purchases, you can really save.

Using Ebates as the foundation for savings, as you will see in this post, you can combine additional deals and coupons to your cashback experience and that will make a substantial positive difference. 

How does cashback work?

Cashback website Ebates works with big retailers like JCrew and Priceline who pay a percentage to Ebates for being an affiliate and for referring customers to shop with them online. Ebates then passes on a percentage of that payment to shoppers and affiliates as cashback.So put it very simply,  they do a deal with a company for referring us to shop there and in turn they incentivize us by giving us cashback.  It’s a win for everyone.

Watch the short video below about how to sign up for Ebates and start saving. Also if you’re a new Ebates user, you’ll get a $10 welcome bonus when you use this link!

daily double (and triple) cashback deals

Ebates regularly offers double and triple cashback specials on selected retailers and during the holiday season (and around Black Friday) in addition to double cashback, they also offer some pretty crazy coupon codes, that are exclusive to ebates members. 

For example, today* they are offering the deals below.

using ebates exclusive coupons for super savings

Photo by Corinne Kutz

Clicking on we can see that in addition to the 12% cashback offered, they are also promoting a special 20% off coupon, which is exclusive to Ebates members.  

Clicking on we can see that in addition to the 12% cashback offered, they are also promoting a special 20% off coupon, which is exclusive to Ebates members.  

For example this pair of Nina Venetia Sandals RRP at $84.95. With the 20% coupon code, this brings the price down to $67.95. 

With 12% cashback, $8.51 brings the total price to $59.44.

book your honeymoon for less

Photo by STIL 

Travel is one of the most consistent and and easy ways to save BIG when using Ebates and this is very good news for you if you are looking to book a honeymoon because savings can mean upgrades, extra nights and more time on a beach, exploring a new destination or skiing down a mountain. Who is going to say no to that!?


When my husband Rich and I travel we spend some time researching which travel companies offer the best combined voucher codes and cashback deals for our dates and travel needs.  

Priceline is always at the top of our list when booking travel. They offer competitive rates on cars, hotels and airfares and if you are serious about savings (and often getting some amazing rooms for less) you should consider taking advantage of their Name Your Own Price service, where you get to suggest a price you’d like to pay for a hotel or rental car and see if any company accepts your offer.

You’ll then have the option to lock in that price and the custom savings you just got. You can also check out the Express Deal hotels to get outstanding hotel rooms at exceptional discounts. You can select amenities, the neighborhood you want to be in and the price. You’ll find out the exact hotel after you book your room, but you’re sure to be impressed with the savings and the quality of the hotel.

Rich and I did this on a recent holiday to Utah and stayed at the Hilton for 60% off the rack rate. It was fabulous!

*Cyber Monday Flight Deals- Starting at midnight on Cyber Monday, Priceline typically has a special selection of flights priced at 50% their usual cost*

combine cashback and sign up bonuses

Combining ebates cashback with offers can be a great way to save money. For example, ModCloth offers 20% off your first order when you sign up for their mailing list. They provide 2% cashback via Ebates, so this gorgeous gown can be purchased with a 22% saving. 

Faith in Flawlessness Maxi Dress in Ivory

cashback best practices

  • Always be sure to read the terms and conditions of the cashback deal. If you go rogue and add coupons or codes from third parties (in addition to your Ebates coupons and discounts) it may void your cashback.
  • Make sure that you click through to the shopping website using the chrome extension or click through directly from ebates to ensure that your visit has been registered.
  • Take advantage of the ‘refer a friend’ bonus and share your personalized link with friends and family!
  • ALways check for additional codes and coupons via the ebates website to add to your purchase.

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