299- Stop saying yes to Sh*t you hate with Talia Pollock

by Aleisha

I share a fabulous conversation with fellow stand up comedian, Bridechilla and Podcaster Talia Pollock, originally recorded as part of her podcast Party in My Plants.

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Talia is a great believer that being healthy doesn't have to suck and that  'it’s possible to drink green juice AND drink cocktails, that it’s do-able to eat quinoa AND online date and that it’s really OK to not eat dairy AND still go to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico'.
In this episode we talk about the cult mindset of '#sheddingforthewedding', family pressure and body image (especially coming up to the holiday season).
We also talk about managing stress on the day of your wedding and look at different mindsets for relaxation and incorporating our pre-stand up comedy performing routine (not freaking out) into our wedding routines.
We also share our tips for giving yourself permission to be different and not follow the crowd, an area that I know can be challenging in all facets of our lives, not just weddings.
Talia is a total Bridechilla, she even asked her best friend to 'not be her bridesmaid' and is including her love of healthy food in her wedding, even though some of her guests are bitching about wanting a steak!
I look forward to having Talia as a returning guest on Bridechilla in the new year. 

Show image photo by Ilya Yakover 

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