303- Wedding Planning Regrets: Part 1

by Aleisha

I recently asked members of the Bridechilla Community to share some of their biggest wedding planning regrets and boy did the flood gates open!  Money, FOMO, pressure from some vendors, bridal party, overcommitting of time. The list goes on.

In part 1 of this 2 part show, I share some of the best regrets and also how we can all learn from them and use them to create more peaceful and focused plans for our own weddings!

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Overcommitting of time

Bridechilla Sam Thinking I could work full time, do full time school, volunteer at the humane society, workout 3 times per week, have a part time job & plan a wedding all at once. I am literally on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Buying things too quickly

Bridechilla HeatherI regret going bat-shit crazy buying decor within the first two months of our engagement. A year later, I have a much clearer vision of our day and our aesthetic and I’m trying to figure out what to do with boxes of stuff that once worked but now may not.

Bridechilla SarahGetting caught up in the small objects that should go in the f*ck it bucket! Almost spent $150 on a guest book???? FH straightened me out so I got a $30 in the end

Bridechilla Natalie I regret not searching more for photographers and doing interviews! My photographer is great, we love his work (he’s done a lot of our friend’s weddings), but I’m not sure our personalities mesh SUPER well. I’m not really comfortable around him.

Bridechilla BeccaI regret buying my wedding dress so soon (just three days after we got engaged!!). Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely the dress for me, but I had envisioned having my FMIL and bridesmaids with me when I picked out my gown and didn’t get to have that moment with them. Instead, I impulse bought my gown after only having tried on maybe six others all in one salon. I’m almost certain I would’ve picked the same dress regardless, but I wish I had shopped around a little bit more so I would’ve had more time to include the people I love in the experience.

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Venue booking before you had a plan

Bridechilla KatieI regret panicking and picking a venue too fast. We were going to have the wedding in San Diego, where my parents live. But it was too complicated planning from a far. So a few months later we decided to move the wedding to Seattle, where we live. But because the wedding was 11 months out, I panicked, convinced we would not be able to find a good place for a June wedding (I let the knot get in my head!). While I do love the venue for the view, we can’t have a rehearsal there so we can’t do a sound check. I also really didn’t think about the size, so things will be a little tight. And we are doing the ceremony and the reception in the same place, so trying to flip the room will be hard if it is raining and people can’t be on the balcony. Actually, speaking of the balcony, it is not big enough to fit everyone…so flipping the room is going to be difficult either way. I still do not have solutions….

Bridechilla Joy I regret not going with our hearts and original instincts to have a wedding in the wilderness. We booked a traditional venue thinking that the wilderness wedding wasn’t doable, but luckily we came to our senses and canceled our venue and are making our dream wedding work. I wish I wouldn’t have been so blinded because now we may not get our deposit back from the original venue. Go with your heart…no matter what it takes.

Photo by Eric Ward 

Picking the bridal party before you really thought about it!

Bridechilla Hannah Having a larger bridal party. While I love my girls, it’s a lot of personalities to handle. Plus all of the costs for gifts, makeup, bouquets, day of items is multiplied by 7 and adds up quickly.

BridechillaSarah I regret asking so many of my friends to be bridesmaids. I wish I had kept it to a smaller number

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