Wedding Flowers 101: Tips and Floral Design Trends

by Shirley Goodwin

By Shirley Goodwin of JR Flowers
If you are like many people, you don’t know much about wedding flowers, except that you know you want them to be pretty. But where the heck do you start when it comes to deciding on flower varieties, colors, and styles for your wedding? Well, hopefully we can help you find your direction and vision. From bouquets to centerpieces to floral crowns (are they still popular?), we have the inside scoop.

Florals by ​JR Flowers- Photo by Raiza Vega Photography

Florals by JR Flowers - Photo by Raiza Vega Photography

Don't be afraid of a little color...

One of the hottest things we are seeing lately is color. Last year greenery was very popular and it still is. But now more couples are less afraid of colorful weddings. Saturated plums and purples, reds and of course the varied shades of pink are very popular. You can have colorful bouquets and centerpieces, but a show stopping welcome arrangement would be a good way to let your guests know that this wedding is going to be so much fun. Think about which colors make you happiest and incorporate those into your day. Don’t pick colors you don’t love. Your colors should make your heart sing! Spring weddings are so popular because of the bountiful flower choices available. Take a look around and decide on your main colors first, then you can add accenting colors as a finishing touch.

Bouquets and Crowns by Folie à Deux Events - Photo by Christopher Tavares

Crowns and Jewelry

Floral crowns have been very popular over the past few years but now we are seeing actual floral jewelry taking the stage. These days floral necklaces and corsages made of metal cuff bracelets are taking the stage. You can express yourself in so many ways with floral jewelry. The trend is all over Pinterest now. Some brides even do floral rings and shoulder corsages to express a more modern style for their wedding. You get to try whatever makes you happiest, it is your day after all. Mix things up!

Ashley & Nick's Eclectic Boho Outdoor Wedding Vow Renewal | Wedding Inspiration | The Bridechilla Blog | Photo by Ana Teresa Galizes

Photo by Ana Teresa - Floral Hoops by Hana Lee

Ashley & Nick's Eclectic Boho Outdoor Wedding Vow Renewal | Wedding Inspiration | The Bridechilla Blog | Photo by Ariel Kaitlin Photography

Photo by Ariel Kaitlin - Floral Design by Hana Lee

Metals In The  Mix

Rose gold, copper, silver and traditional gold are very on trend right now. Don’t be afraid to have interesting shapes and designs at your wedding. You can have flowers artfully designed around geometric shapes or multiple mini floral arrangements in gold vases on a display table.Add shimmering gold candles to match. Give your guests some “sparkle”, it adds to the drama of the event and gives your wedding a fresh look. Mini arrangements can be used as cocktail hour décor or to give the dessert table a bit of pop. 

Floral Design by JR Flowers - Photo by Emily Alyssa Photography

Floral Design by JR Flowers - Photo by Sean Purcell Photography


Flowers are over your head literally! From chandeliers to hanging floral hoops, we are seeing many elevated designs. Tulips dripping down from tall arrangements, trailing greenery and luscious roses are giving us something to look up to. These designs are a splurge for sure, but it all comes down to how you want your wedding to feel. If this is the fantasy design you have been dreaming of then go for it. When else will you have the chance to entertain your guests with a style this amazing?

Floral Installation by Moelleux Events - Photo by Sara Bishop

Floral Design by Fern & Curl Designs - Photo by Kristine Napier

Finding the perfect florist

Book the florist that matches your style; check out their Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest page. If you like what you see and have a good vibe going when you talk to them then just book them already! Don’t waste time interviewing 20 different florists. Give them your vision and color scheme and they can take care of the rest. Let them guide you in designing flowers that complement your attire and venue, not compete with it. They will likely make suggestions that you hadn't thought about. You want a creative designer who isn’t afraid to step out of the box and bring your vision to life. If you want drama, they can bring it. If you prefer understated elegance, let them show you the way.

Shirley of JR Flowers puts the final touches on an arrangement. Photo by Brooke Silverman Photography

Floral Design by JR Flowers -  Photo by Brooke Silverman Photography

Ok, but how much will my wedding flowers cost?

On average, couples spend around 10-15% of their total wedding budget on floral designs, and maybe even more if they want show stopping installations or design elements. Flowers aren’t cheap even if you buy them in season. Prices for heavenly peonies will be better when purchased in season but they won’t be discounted. Good quality blooms are a worthy investment. Your wedding florist can help you pick flowers in your budget and in season. Bouquets are one of the most photographed elements at your wedding. They should look flawless. Talk to your florist about your priorities, after the wedding party flowers you can make decisions about where divide the remaining budget. Adding extra greenery to arrangements does help keep costs more manageable at times, but not always. Large flowers such as hydrangea take up a large amount of space in an arrangement and can be cost effective. If you love garden roses and orchids, be brave and go for it. Expect to pay more for premium flowers though.

Your wedding day should be a dream come true.  Flowers and a huge part of it but don’t forget the purpose. This day is a celebration with your loved ones and your sweetie! Hopefully this little guide takes a bit of the stress out of planning your wedding flowers. Enjoy!

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