316- Keep Calm and Marry On with Leah Weinberg

by Aleisha

My guest on the Bridechilla Podcast (episode 316) is former attorney, Leah Weinberg who is now a wedding planning who is the founder of the Color Pop Events. Leah shares her tips for keeping calm and focused while planning and offers some great tips from her old corporate career that will help you with project management and staying on top of your checklist. Once the question is popped, it’s time to start planning the big day. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding will admit that things go wrong faster than you can say “I do.” But, with a little forward thinking, some quality time together, and a sprinkle of wedding planner fairy dust, the planning process can be more fun than not.

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#1: Master the Spreadsheet

The easiest way to combat stress while wedding planning? Get organized. If you know where in the air all the proverbial balls are, you’re both able to juggle them better. Organization prevents panic and creates the confidence to tackle problems as they come. Color code everything, keep multiple Google docs and spreadsheets, and set up a special email account for all things wedding planning. (A decluttered inbox equals a decluttered mind.)

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#2: Lead with Your Head, Not Your Heart 

From the pure joy and relief you’ll feel after the venue is chosen, to spontaneous waterworks because something is the wrong shade of ivory, the planning process can be emotionally charged. However, it’s important to look at issues that pop up analytically—and to remember that your initial response might not even be tied to the actual problem at hand. Handle things like you would at work or school: Identify the issue, outline possible solutions, then pick the best one. And remember that it’s ok to feel it: Then take a deep breath and move on.

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#3: Take a Proactive Approach

It’s always better to be proactive than reactive. Set your wedding day up for success by making decisions that will minimize day-of stress. You know your wedding party, families—and one another—best, so pinpoint potential issues and decide together how to face them before they even arise. By anticipating and troubleshooting problems early, you’ll be more prepared for when you realize you forgot to add your second cousin’s plus-one to the seating chart.

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#4: Carve Out Plenty of Me and Us Time

In the whirlwind of wedding planning, it’s easy to get sidetracked and for things to snowball. By continuing to prioritize time with each other, you will improve communication and stay in a better headspace during a notoriously stressful time. Me time is important, too, so don’t put your individual hobbies on hold. Try meditating together, or alone, whichever you both prefer: It’s a super powerful tool to become more mindful and help you both stay calm in the chaos.

Image by Laura Marie Duncan

#5: Bring in a Pro

Between work, school, and play, it’s common to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to plan your wedding. It’s no cakewalk—but that’s what wedding planners are for! A pro wedding planner can take on some of the load and step in when you get hit with surprises, like weather-related changes and vendor snafus. When sh*t gets weird or hits the fan, which it inevitably will, your planner has got you both covered. For more info about hiring a coordinator or planner check out episode 265 of The Bridechilla Podcast

Meet Leah Weinberg- Color Pop Events

Unflappable. Calm under (extreme) pressure. Keeps her cool—with her sense of humor intact.  This is how clients described Color Pop Events founder Leah Weinberg during her former career as a commercial real estate attorney. Today, happy couples have come to rely on that same soothing confidence and rock-solid competence when planning their wedding.Early in her legal career, it became clear to Leah that she was destined to be her own boss. Constantly brainstorming business ideas, it wasn’t until she planned her own wedding in 2012—dubbed the “wedding of the year” by multiple guests—that she knew she’d found her calling.  In 2013, Leah launched Color Pop Events to bring her eye for detail and flawless event execution to couples in and around New York City.                Leah applies an attorney’s meticulousness to all weddings. She forecasts multiple steps ahead of the game, navigating complexities and steering clear of (or quickly resolving) any problems with limitless energy and resourcefulness.

Whether your wedding is brash and bold or sweet and intimate, Leah turns the overwhelming into the easy with a smile, serenity, and contagious spirit that couples find wonderfully refreshing.Contact her now to see how we can enhance your special day—and make the months leading up to it just as beautiful.  Be sure to follow Leah on Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

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