Jane and Jordan’s ‘Awesome Dinner Party…Wedding!’

by Aleisha

When Bridechilla Jane commented on a post in the Bridechilla community encouraging another Bridechilla to go with her heart when it came to her wedding dress and shared a photograph of her own wedding, I knew she was destined to share her story on the Bridechilla Blog. From her own stunning ASOS wedding gown find to the dreamy greenery that was used throughout the day, I promise you will be delighted and inspired by Jane and Jordan's wedding, what they warmly described as an awesome dinner party...wedding!

We met, like true millenials, on Tinder. Neither of us had had much luck with the app in the past, but we just hit it off right away. Essentially, we got together for drinks one night at this hole-in-the-wall bar in our neighborhood and just never stopped hanging out. Four months later, we moved in together and we were engaged two months after that. During our free time, we can usually be found going for long walks with our dog, Louis, and our daughter, Mary Jane, around our neighborhood or playing long, competitive games of Scrabble on our porch.

We both have really large families so it was hard to narrow down a guest list, but we still really wanted an intimate dinner party vibe with lots of toasts and dancing. At just under 100 guests, I feel like it was still intimate, but we also had more than enough people to tear up the dance floor.

We're both Atlanta transplants (Jane is from New York and Jordan is from Florida), but we love our adopted city. We live in the Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta and we are really involved in our community. Since over 60 of our guests came from out-of-town we wanted to give a little tour of Atlanta at our wedding so we named our tables after some of our favorite Atlanta landmarks like the Krog Street Tunnel and Oakland Cemetery. We had our guests find their tables by retrieving corresponding postcards with their names on them from a vintage library card catalog Jane found at a thrift store.

We kept the decor minimal and our amazing florist, Britt from Marigold & Moss, sourced exclusively local flowers for bouquets, table centerpieces, and an amazing greenery installation over the dance floor.

Our caterer, Lori from Elegant Expressions Catering, also kept with our homegrown Atlanta, Southern vibe with a perfectly curated menu. We had buttermilk fried chicken and Sweetwater 420 braised short ribs with twice baked potato casserole topped with applewood smoked bacon and roasted brussel sprouts. Everything came from local growers and was a truly authentic Georgia meal. 

Sustainability is important to us and we didn't want our wedding to have a large carbon footprint.

Two things that meant a lot to me were wearing my grandmother's mink coat, my aunt let me use it as my "Something Borrowed." I was named after her and she passed away when I was about three months old so I really liked being able to incorporate her in that way. My fiancé proposed to me with her engagement ring as well so it felt like we could feel her spirit. We chose not to have wedding favors and instead made a donation to the Breast Cancer Foundation in her name, which we notated with small cards that we put on the plates as part of our settings.

The second part was having my Northwestern University Chi Omega sorority sisters sing one of our songs "Shades" to me during our reception. It's a tradition and all about starting new chapters. It was really meaningful to me to have such amazing women there to support me.

What was totally worth it?

Our photographers, Gemini & the Bear, and our day-of planner, Jodie Marchman. Jane went to art school so she was extremely picky about the photography. Gemini & the Bear (aka Ryan & Jenevieve) do such good work and they are an absolute blast to hang out with. It was like having two good pals shoot the wedding. They got every special moment and the quality was A+. Jodie, our day-of planner, was also an absolute treasure. 

Our venue required a day-of planner, which we were initially irritated by (we just wanted a family member/friend to do it to try to save money), but it was worth every penny. She kept the day running smoothly and took out all of the stress of the day so we could just enjoy it.

What was not worth it?

In retrospect, I'm not sure if I would have professional makeup again. I stopped wearing foundation/eye makeup a few years ago and I felt like I didn't quite look like "myself." We also danced up a storm and I basically sweated it all off anyway. 

What did you throw in the fuck it bucket?

What did you throw in the fuck it bucket?

I ended up throwing in quite a lot. The biggest thing for me was my dress. I bought my dress for $80 on sale from ASOS Curve. Clothes are really important to me and I love shopping so I expected a lot from my wedding dress. A lot of my passion for dressing comes from my struggles to find cute, fashion-forward plus-size clothing.

I really wanted to have that transformative "Say Yes to the Dress" moment and it never really happened. I liked my dress a lot, but at the end of the day it's just a dress. It doesn't define me or my wedding and definitely not my marriage. I wrote a post about it on my personal blog while I was going through it -

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What advice do you have for other couples planning their weddings?

Make sure you keep the focus on what is most important about the day - marrying your partner.
Everything else is just noise. We had a lot of things go technically "wrong" - our rented buses broke down on the side of the highway on the way to our ceremony with most of our guests inside, a stray dog ran across the aisle as I was being escorted down by my dad, and our wedding arch (made by a family friend) literally broke apart as we were setting it up at the venue, but literally none of that mattered. 

We had the best day with our best friends and our family supporting us.

How did Bridechilla help you plan your wedding?

It helped me focus on the things that I cared about and gave me a lot of confidence while planning my wedding since I got to get genuine advice from other people who had "been there."

Jane and Jordan's Rockstar Vendors

Our photographers: Gemini and the Bear ​
Day of Panner: Jodie Marchman
Our florist: Marigold & Moss
Our caterer: Elegant Expressions Catering, LLC
Our baker: Sugar Moon Bakeshop
Hair & Makeup: BLUSH studio
DJ: Rich Moran from Complete Music
Dress & Bridesmaid Dresses: ASOS
Veil: Twigs & Honey

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