329- Big Wedding Planning Podcast Crossover

by Aleisha

You can never have too much good guidance and help when it comes to wedding planning, which is why I am delighted to welcome Christy and Michelle from The Big Wedding Planning Podcast to join me on a crossover show. I am a featured guest on their podcast this week too.
Michelle and Christy are seasoned, sassy wedding planners who share advice from a planners perspective and like Bridechilla, keep it real!

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What’s better than having a podcast where you get to talk about what you love? Having special guests that do exactly what you do! Christy and Michelle, cohosts of The Big Wedding Planner Podcast, join me today to talk about how they got started in the crazy business that is podcasting. Tune in as they share about how they went from initially planning weddings to podcasting about them!

Show Highlights:

  • Learn how Michelle went from performing Improv to planning weddings
  • How a rocky first impression led to a long-term, long distance friendship
  • The Red Flags for both Christy and Michelle when taking on a new client
  • Why you should really trust your wedding planner
  • What sort of resources Christy and Michelle bring on the show
  • Why your wedding planner is like a stage manager in a play
  • Christy and Michelle answer a few listeners’ questions
  • The value of your wedding planner and the wrong foot you shouldn’t get off on
  • How Christy and Michelle keep each other going on difficult days
  • The fresh and personal take these women bring to The Big Wedding Planning Podcast that you can’t find in an article

Thanks to this week's Sponsor- Zola!

Show image by Allison Heine 

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