330-Bridechilla LIVE @ Brideside

by Aleisha

It was a thrill and a pleasure to record my very first Bridechilla live Podcast in front of a fabulous audience in Chicago recently Brideside, in their aptly named ‘babe cave’.In this episode, I chat with Brideside founders Nicole and Sonali about friendship, body image and avoiding confrontation (or just going head-on into it!). Join us as we talk about how a moment of Whoo! Sparked a friendship as well as a business. As any bride, and some bride-to-be’s may well know, the bridesmaids are just as important, even though tensions can arise and friendships may be lost afterwards.A HUGE thanks to all who attended. We’re super keen to organise more live events and hope to come to a venue near you soon!

Listen to episode 330 of Bridechilla

Show Notes:

  • What Sonali and Nicole recommend when it comes to rehearsal dinners and mother-in-laws
  • Why Sonali recommends doing a Roast with the wedding party
  • The importance of embracing new traditions and valuing the old ones
  • The two things that Sonali and Nicole’s Bridesmaid Consultants are specifically trained on
  • A simple solution if you have several bridesmaids in the wedding
  • How to get around a certain style of dress for all bridesmaids
  • What to do when one bridesmaid doesn’t get along with one of the others
  • Suggestions on how to informally invite people on short notice
  • Sonali, Nicole, and Alicia share their favorite memories from their wedding
  • Why sometimes you’ve just got to go with the flow






Show image and Event images by Richard Maddock

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