336- How to Avoid Getting Caught Up in the Downward Spiral of Details

by Aleisha

I’m excited welcome Kristy Rice of Momental Designs, a boutique stationery company that specializes in hand-painted invitations. In episode 336 of The Bridechilla Podcast, we explore the pressure of overdoing details and the overwhelm that can come from too many choices and not sticking with your gut,
By the time couples get to work with Kristy, they are drowning in wedding day details, general plans, timelines and Pinterest boards. They can’t even find the fuck it bucket if they tried! It's easy to get caught up on the little details but in this episode Kristy shares her tips for how to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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Minimizing the Overwhelm 

1. Look to your home for design inspo...your favorite textile, painting or even a beloved family heirloom can become wedding decor fodder. 

2. Limit your time on Pinterest. Too much exposure to TOO MANY ideas can cause overwhelm and wedding anxiety! 

3. Trust your instincts! Nothing crumbles a killer decor plan like second guessing yourself.

4. When you find yourself changing your mind a ton, it's time to refocus. Go back to your core. What inspired some of the first decisions you made? Go there, trust that, and keep moving on. 

5. When first diving into wedding design, look to non-wedding outlets for inspo. Great resources are home decor and architecture magazines, flower farmers and product stylists on instagram, or even food bloggers. Weddings blogs and magazines are essential but go there only after you've found your artistic voice.

6. Think like a painter would when designing complex parts of your wedding day, like the celebration table. Balance, color harmony and scale are all details to consider. 

7. Wedding styled shoots are meant to inspire not stress. Check your sources and ask expert advice about the realities of recreating a certain look realistically.

Make Details Count. Making a Personal Statement

With her designs, Kristy created a niche for herself and created a space where she attracted the couples that wanted to make a personal statement and express themselves, to create a space where their love story, their unique tale, really came alive across in all aspects of design and décor.

For Kirsty, it’s always about the artwork and helping their couples ‘kind of become artists for a period in their lives’. Helping couples communicate the way artists communicate, visualizing the way that artists visualize, focus on details that are important and meaningful for them and ditching the rest.

‘Any day, we might be talking to 20 to 30 couples, who are at all different phases of their planning process, and of course we're talking to them about stationary, but I also see what's going on in the hearts and minds of couples from an editorial perspective as well. I feel like Pinterest and Instagram are driving us insane in one way or another because we are just constantly inundated with input with, with ‘you gotta do this, this looks fantastic’…we're just completely losing ourselves in this mass chaos of details and ideas. And at the end of the day, oftentimes where we see our couples is they are completely mentally overwhelmed and they don't know how to kind of sift through all of it to make really solid sound decisions in their decor and stationery. Whatever it may be, they're losing their ability to trust themselves in their decision making.'

Kristy says that ‘regardless of what a couple's budget is, when they come to us and they can literally be frantic because they simply were being driven options overwhelm’.

Kristy Rice- Bridechilla

Incorporating Details Of What You Love Into Your wedding

When it comes to incorporating your personal style into your wedding, Kristy advises,

‘I want you to go into your home. Go back to a college book, an art history book, perhaps there is something that just stuck with you… a painting that you fell in love with years ago or go back to the things that you live with every single day and that visually get you really, really excited. And let's start there. Let's start our design conversation there. Let's not start a design conversation scrolling through Pinterest and getting overwhelmed from the moment you start scrolling.

Start somewhere where you're loving on something every day. It could be a textile, it could be a favorite piece of cloth that you throw over an old table. It can be something as simple as that, but it just, it's something you love every day. Let's start there and then that's going to give you clarity. You can always go back to that thing, that piece, that inspirational item and that will be your core and you can always go back there when things get really foggy.

Trusting Your Instinct and First Choices

Oddly enough, for many couples their first decisions, whether it's a gown, venue or stationary can be indicative of their true heart and the true spirit behind their event. If you feel overwhelmed with choice about details or if you are second guessing yourself, go back to some of those first decisions and think about why they made them and what made them excited about those decisions. Perhaps your first choice was the winning choice but you found it too easy and quick and ditched it too soon!

Kristy Rice- Bridechilla

Meet Kristy Rice

Kristy Rice Bridechilla

Kristy Rice is indeed a storyteller of style; communicating for her brides in paint and pen, paper and prose, very personal stories with attention to detail and an unmistakable sense of hand. Kristy’s intuitive skill is in combining her distinctive watercolor technique with her decorative painting style and whimsical illustrations. In less than a decade, her personal obsession with the visual arts has evolved into an innovative international brand which garners attention from wedding publications around the world. Armed with a curated team of stationery artists, designers and craftsmen, Kristy has transformed wedding stationery into a persuasive and compelling medium that brings an artistic experience to couples worldwide. Kristy Rice shares her heart through each carefully placed brushstroke or turn of hand, and those expressions continue to beguile, inform and describe a world her clients and fellow creatives love.

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