Rosie and Sean’s Eclectic Festival Inspired Wedding

by Aleisha
Bridechilla Graduate, Rosie shares her and Sean's eclectic, festival inspired wedding at Northside Farm in Horsley, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK featuring a some of the coolest DIY decor, a glitter bar, and temporary tattoos!

Tell us a little about you and your partner!

We should have met years ago. We had the same group of friends but just never seemed to be in the same place at the same time. Then one day we were and we've been stuck like glue ever since. We bonded over 'bad' films, live music and our love of the simple things in life. We both have a hard working ethic, though I'm more the ideas and Sean is the action. Sean has 3 little girls who I met 3 months in to the relationship and we felt like a family straight away.

We talked about getting married and I (Rosie) thought we were just going to announce it and plan without a formal engagement. Then I came back from my best friend's 'Hen Do' weekend in June 2017 and Sean was acting super weird. He wanted to go out to talk. I thought the worst and refused to go anywhere until he told me the problem that's when he pulled out a ring in our bedroom and I realised i'd ruined his plan. We kept it a secret to everyone but close family until after my best friend's wedding in July 2017 as we didn't want to draw any attention away from their day.

Tell us all about your event!

We wanted to do a lot of the work ourselves, not just to save money but to make sure it was a product of us. A lot of the venues we liked had packages that we loved but we felt ourselves becoming lost in amongst it and straying from our vision. We knew we wanted a festival style event and Northside Farm was the perfect setting. It meant we had the accommodation we wanted, we had the venue for 3 days to set-up and take down and they really allow you to create whatever kind of day you want within their space.

Our priorities were the atmosphere of the day. We had our VW Transport double as a photobooth and the girl who did my make-up to set-up a temporary tattoo and glitter booth which really went down a storm. We had 2 live bands, one on the evening and an acoustic duo through the day. So there was always something going on. The biggest part of our money was spent on bands, photographers and photo/glitter booths.

Rosie is vegan and didn't want to pay for any meat so we had a vegetarian afternoon tea with vegan options and all Vegan dessert table and evening food. The afternoon tea/picnic style meal got guests interacting to pass things across to each other etc. and I was so happy to see our table plans for who we knew would get on well being proved right. Our evening food in particular really went down well with curry, chilli and vegetable tagine options that guests could pick and mix.

We swapped wine out for beer and cider because we've seen so much wine get wasted at weddings before and every bottle was gone.

I DIY'ed all of our centerpieces, guest book, signage, temporary tattoos, confetti cones, table plans, hanging flowers, favours. EVERYTHING! Guests loved all the little pieces of detail and the glass coasters etched with their names as favours were a winner and worth the week it took Rosie to do them.

Rosie's speech went down amazingly, people found it very refreshing to have the bride as the main speaker and it let us put our day in context for people.

What was totally worth it?

Not being super over the top about my dress. I risked it and bought off an Etsy store (after some serious research) and saved so much money and didn't have to go in to wedding dress shops which I felt uncomfortable about anyway. 

Prioritising elements of the day that added to entertainment and atmosphere. That's the stuff guest remember and it was reflected in the photos.

Splurging on a photographer more than we had planned they were worth every penny and their style was suited to our theme.

We put everything under the microscope of do we need this or do we just feel we do because it's traditional and meant we could weed out the less fun bits and focus on what mattered to us and it also saved us money on a lot of stuff.

What was not worth it?

  • Leaving the DIY to the last minute. everything takes longer than you think. 
  • Any stress about family issues and other people’s opinions.
  • People constantly trying to get Sean super drunk on our wedding night. I don't want to have to worry about my groom.
  • Having the dogs there, the photos were good with them and they had a great time when we could let them run around but it was a worry for us as to who had taken them out last and when had they been fed etc. that we hadn't really expected.
  • Not practicing out first dance, we were never going to choreograph anything but when it came to it we definitely should have been more prepared.

What did you throw in the Fuck-It Bucket?

We knew we didn't want a big ceremony as Sean is very shy and it wasn't really our taste to have a lot of people there for that part of it. We called that 'the admin' part of our day and went to a local Registry Office with the 3 kids and 4 guests before heading off for the party. We didn't have a bridal party as such, but asked our best man and woman to be our witnesses for our marriage certificate. 

We eliminated a lot of the traditional speeches as I wanted a good mix of male and female voices. For the same reason I wasn't walked in by my dad or had a father daughter dance. Cake cutting was eliminated and instead of a specific wedding cake we had a full dessert table (which was cheaper). We saw each other then night before and slept in the same bed, I would have been more stressed without seeing my best friend. It didn't make it any less special on the day. We also FIB'ed posed family photos and left it all up the the photographers to get more candid shots that actually captured the feel of the day.

Bouquets felt un-necessary and I didn't want any live flowers as it's so wasteful.

How did Bridechilla help you plan your wedding?

By giving me perspective. I realized that a wedding could be anything you want it to be and you don't have to conform to traditions. I realized stress is normal any it's okay to not be okay in wedding planning. I got inspiration from other chillas and had a support group who were impartial as they don't know me.

What advice do you have for other couples planning their weddings?

Discuss your vision together so you can nudge yourself if you start to stray. Don't feel like your wedding has to work in any particular way. Nothing is set in stone as to the template of your day.

Rosie & Sean's Rockstar Vendors

Photographers: ​The Hendrys

Transport & Photobooth: VW Wedding Rosie

Vegan Dessert Table:  Grumpy Panda Food

Venue & Catering: Northside Farm

Rosie's Dress: Lace Bridal

Hair, Makeup & Glitter Booth: The Venue (Salon)

Tent Rentals: Northern Star Teepees UK

Bands: The Arrival & Seraph

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