Betsy and Suliko’s Intimate Backyard Wedding in Raleigh, NC

by Aleisha
An Intimate Backyard Wedding in Raleigh, NC | Photos by Rose Trail Images | The Bridechilla Wedding Planning Podcast & Blog |

This couple celebrated their love with an intimate backyard wedding and dinner party for 20 of their closest friends and family.

Photographer, Audrey, of Rose Trail Images kindly shared the details of a very special, intimate backyard wedding in Raleigh, NC. Betsy and Suliko work together and have known each other for over 6 years before they decided to get married. There was no formal engagement proposal or ring, they just simply knew it was the right time.

Betsy and Suliko were married in their own backyard, just one month after they moved into their sweet little bungalow home in the heart of Raleigh.

The couple invited 20 of their closest friends and family to share in their wedding day. Their friend Meredith, whom they also work with, was ordained so that she could perform the marriage of her two friends.

Betsy wore a David's Bridal gown, which she spruced up with a ribbon sash tied around her waist, and all the flowers and boutonnieres were from Fallon's Flowers. The flower girl was Betsy's niece, who was also in charge of Olive, the bride and groom's puppy!

The rings were presented by their nephews and the vows were so incredibly personal and up-lifting. Suliko even played a prank during the ceremony, when he took out his vows to read and they were so long, so they spilled to the ground. Jokes and pranks aside, it was such a beautiful ceremony!

Suliko's Mom, Inga, spent all day cooking up a delicious feast which was had enjoyed around a long farm table on the back patio.  I tried to take a back seat and let the family be together, but I was quickly welcomed to the table and treated like part of the family.

The chocolate and coconut cakes were made by Linda's Cakes in Raleigh, were simply to die for! 

They ended the night with dancing as the market lights twinkled through crystals hanging from the trees. It was breathtaking. 

Did you notice the garden gnome you see lurking about? It was a gift to Betsy from Suliko, and it kept appearing during the course of the evening. How many times can you spot it?

Betsy & Suliko's Rockstar Vendors

Photographer: Rose Trail Images

Flowers: Fallon's Flowers

Attire: David's Bridal

Bakery: Linda's Cakes

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