A Breathtaking, Romantic Kauai Elopement

by Aleisha

Stunning views, intimate vows, and a pink sunset for Crystal & Jason's Kauai elopement.

Crystal & Jason committed their lives to each other in a stunning Kauai elopement. Their photographer, Meg Bradyhouse shares her experience photographing this incredible, romantic day, capturing their love for the ages, and all the breathtaking vistas along the way. 

Meg: They read their vows on the cliff under the Koa tree. The wind stopped as so to listen to their words and they softly made their promises to one another.

“I love you more than words can express, and I’m so lucky to be standing here with you today. On top of this canyon, I promise to give you the love and respect that you deserve every day. I will support you like the winds beneath the wings of the birds in this valley, and comfort you like the warm sunsets over the horizon for all the days of my life. Crystal, Aloha au ia ‘oe. I love you”

“I knew that you were special from the first hug you gave me at my apartment when we were only acquaintances. It was gentle and kind – it was a hug that left me feeling loved. From the beginning of our journey together I could feel in my heart the kindness of your soul...Together we have discovered new dimensions of love. Every opportunity that we have to care for each other is a privilege. You are a gift to me in this lifetime."

I took the photograph and lowered my camera. There was just something so special about these two in this place. The sound of the waterfall in the background of the canyon and the stillness all around us. I felt so honored that we got to be there to not only witness but to also capture this rarity of love through the photographs. They truly did create magic, and every time I get to photograph an enchanted elopement I believe in what they stand for more and more.

Crystal & Jason's Rockstar Vendors

Photographer: Meg Bradyhouse

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