341-Navigating Family Drama at Your Wedding Princess Eugenie Style!

Navigating Family Drama

In this episode of Bridechilla, Meghan Elyl from OFD Consulting, joins the Bridechilla podcast to discuss navigating family drama. Meghan has connected Bridechilla with many of the past guests and is always a pleasure to have on the podcast. During this conversation, Meghan helps to analyze the upcoming royal wedding. She also highlights some wedding-planning lessons that can be learned from the Royal Family.

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The Royal Wedding that no one is excited about

There was a lot of media hype and buzz around Prince Harry and Meghan Markel’s wedding. It was a lovely event that didn’t disappoint. Now, there is another Royal Wedding coming up that seems to be a little more under the radar. Princess Eugenie of York who is he is the younger daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah, Duchess of York is marrying Jack Brooksbank. Eugenie is ninth in line of succession to the British throne, after her elder sister, Princess Beatrice of York. On this episode, Meghan and Aleisha discuss the peculiar details that surround this wedding.

Princess Eugenie via Instagram

How family drama can create wedding challenges

One of the background stories that makes the upcoming wedding unique involves Princess Eugenie’s parents. Prince Andrew and Fergie are technically divorced, which makes for some weird situations when it comes to the royal weddings. Prince Philip won’t even be in the same room as Fergie. Since Princess Eugenie is Fergie's daughter, and Fergie will definitely be at the wedding, the question remains will Philip attend? How will the royal family drama play out for this wedding?

If you pay, do you get a say?

The royal family are the ultimate wedding donors. They finance elaborate and beautiful weddings. They are also managing and maintaining their royal legacy. The question remains, do wedding donors, who invest so much money into the event, deserve to have a final say in what happens in the wedding. Meghan Ely stresses that It is important for couples to find a balance and focus on communicating so that expectations are clear before those critical decisions are made. Hear more of her advice on this episode of Bridechilla.

Aleisha and her 'Fergie Mug' gifted to her by Meghan ❤️

How to transform your wedding venue 

Booking a popular venue could put a couple at risk for comparison. What if one of their friends has used that same venue. Or what if there are only one or two places in town that are suitable to use? Meghan Ely encourages couples to be true to themselves and make the wedding what they want it to be. Utilizing decorations and technology can help you transform a space, giving it a personalized feel that will mitigate those pesky comparisons.

Show Highlights

  • [0:42] Introduction of Meghan Ely, owner of CFD consulting
  • [1:14] Recap of the last royal wedding and preview of upcoming the next royal wedding
  • [3:36] Parental involvement, divorce, mixing families and the repeating of venues
  • [5:13] Aleisha’s love for Fergie
  • [8:44] England’s bump watch for Meghan Markle and death wash for Prince Phillip
  • [11:58] Wedding donors and family relationships that make wedding decisions difficult
  • [15:22] What will Fergie wear to the wedding?
  • [18:05] How reusing a wedding venue can create challenges and how to deal with them
  • [25:43] Will Meghan Ely do another Royal Wedding party?
  • [27:21] Gary Janetti’s Instagram that is a great laugh about the Royal Family
  • [30:40] Some of the rogue royals and the crazy stories that accompany them

Meet Meghan Ely

Meghan Ely Bridechilla

OFD Consulting owner, Meghan Ely, combines in-the-trenches event experience with a love of wedding PR to empower her clients to take their businesses to new heights. She is a WeddingWire Education Expert as well as a regular contributor to Wedding Planner Magazine, Wedding Business Magazine, Catersource and SpecialEvents.com.

Meghan represents clients globally and has earned them coverage with the New York Times, Entrepreneur, Brides, Bridal Guide, the Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, the Travel Channel, HGTV, Brit & Co and Refinery 29, among others.

Meghan has served on the national board of WIPA and is a long-time member of the NACE conference education committee. She is also an adjunct professor in the Mass Communication department at Virginia Commonwealth University, specializing in Public Relations.

Most recently, Special Events honored her as one of the top 25 young professionals in the event industry.

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