342- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

by Aleisha

This week’s Bridechilla is a special episode of wedding planning Q&A with you, the listeners. Bridechilla is all about community. Even through the medium of a podcast, we are able to come together to support, encourage, and learn from one another. Sometimes it’s nice to just hand the show over to you and let you ask those pressing wedding planning questions that you want answered. And I promise to do my best to answer them.

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Help! I Can’t Stop Buying Stuff!

When planning a wedding, it is easy to get caught up in buying a lot of stuff. Some people buy for the thrill of it and some buy as a way to cope with the stress of wedding planning. How can you avoid overspending? Marie Kondo gave some great advice about how to determine whether or not to make a purchase. You must be able to assess the amount of joy a given purchase will bring. It’s a great way to prioritize and decide if you really should buy or not. Listen as I share how Marie Kondo’s advice can help you make better buying decisions as you plan your wedding.

Striving for a healthy body image

Body image is such an important topic to discuss. Everyone has their own body image issues. Some brides feel like they are too overweight and others are struggling to gain weight for their big day. The starting point to health is being honest with yourself and others. Support from friends and family is key to working through these types of issues. The main idea is to look after yourself and take care of your body.

A mum as a bridesmaid?

Being a bridechilla is all about choosing what makes you happy and doing it. Even if you choose to do some things in your wedding that are unconventional, you shouldn’t let anything keep you from it. One question that we talk about on this episode comes from a bridechilla who wants her mum to be a bridesmaid. Her partner is not on board. Is it ok to have your mum as a bridesmaid? Is there any reason why she shouldn’t be a part of your wedding party if that’s what you want? Find out what I think during this episode.

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Getting along with your wedding planner

When planning your wedding, you don’t have to like your vendors. But you do have to be able to work with them. You are paying them to do their job. What do you do if you are having a hard time getting along with your wedding planner? We talk about the importance of communication and how a crucial conversation can help resolve tension and conflict. Listen as I take on more of your question and try to give helpful answers to your wedding planning questions during this episode of Bridechilla.

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Show Highlights

  • [2:15] Caitlin, also an Aussie, thinks I am funny and wanted to share that a recent episode about Wedding Donors (Episode 337) helped her after her in-laws were very objectionable to her not getting married in a church.
  • [7:45] Amelia wants some advice about planning a bilingual wedding celebration
  • [12:20] Sam another Aussie is getting married five hours away from their hometown and wants tip to curb her buying binges.
  • [18:30] After listening to a Bridechilla body image episode, Taylor became motivated to make positive changes to her routine and lifestyle. She was inspired to share her story with the Bridechilla podcast
  • [22:58] Alyce really wants to ask her mum to be her Bridesmaid but her partner thinks that it it weird. What should she do?
  • [25:41] Leanne Is having communication issues with her wedding planner. She thinks that her wedding planner might not even like her. How should she handle it?
  • [31:06] Megan Is planning to elope and plan a surprise wedding for their family and friends in conjunction with her new husband’s 40th birthday, but how do they ensure that everyone turns up and doesn’t bail on the party?
  • [33:41] Cecily is struggling with daytime brunch timeline and the logistics that come with it

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Memorable Quotes

  • “Does this need to be bought? What’s it going to do to dolphins?”
  • “I think we are all going through our own body images thoughts and feelings and everyone should be acknowledged and made to feel supported no matter what.”
  • “The big thing with timelines is to work backwards”
  • “When it comes down to it, vendors have to do their job. You are paying them to do their job.”

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