Stephanie & Jesse’s Impromptu Retro Inspired Dive Bar Wedding

by Aleisha

Bridechilla Graduate, Stephanie, shares her impromptu wedding to Jesse which they planned in 48 Hours at their favorite dive bar!

Tell us a little about you and your partner!

We first met at our wedding venue through a close friend and both would go there just to run into each other and talk all night for years. Fast forward a long while and we have a five year old daughter, an adorable house, full time careers, and are BUSYYY! We make time for date night, family vacations, forts in the living room, movies in the back yard, and fall in love more and more while having so much fun. He completely balances me and is the best co-parent I could ever imagine. He proposed to me with our daughter; at bedtime he called me in to kiss her good night and she had the ring box open in her little hands! He got down on one knee and took my breath away (even though I kind of knew it was coming form the romantic dinner and seeing a box shape in his pocket all night!)

Tell us all about your event!

We always feel like we are married and already have the end result. At least once a week for over a year he would say "Can we just get married tomorrow? I don't want to not be married to you anymore". This week I agreed and my over achieving, obsessive planning self threw our latest "May the Fourth" speakeasy jazz brunch concept directly into the FIB...AND IT FELT SO GOOD! The next morning (Wednesday) I texted him at work and said "Let's take the day off Friday and get married at the Courthouse!" He loved it over iMessage and thought I was joking until I called him at Lunch telling him we couldn't get a judge in time so my best friend had just gotten Ordained online. He was over the moon since I am driving him mad and have changed the date, concept, and venue about 6 times because of my indecisiveness/ complaints from my mother and made us loose 2 deposits in the process. It made most sense to have the wedding where we met and where we celebrate everything important to us; Nolan's Corner Pub! My newly ordained lifelong best friend tends bar there on Friday evenings and a wonderful friend of ours owns the establishment and was thrilled to let us hold it there. Wednesday we let everyone know (Luckily our families could make it on short notice on a holiday weekend).

We had a LOT to do in two work days and didn't have attire or rings. I used the accessories I wore in my sister-in-law's wedding and just ordered my $35 bridesmaid dress again in white (thank goodness for Amazon one day delivery!). We scored and got his entire ensemble along with our rings at JC Penny. Our mothers and Aunts pitched in and took care of everything else, it was amazing! My aunt who lives out of state got our flowers, cake, brought my grandmothers pearls, gifted me heirloom crystal glasses, AND picked my daughter up at daycare so I could get ready in peace! Our mothers kept magically showing up and paying for random purchases like plates and decor. My friends from work came with a couple dishes, my MIL brought salad, and my parents ordered way too much pizza after the ceremony. I was up late the night before unexpectedly altering my dress and am so glad I took the entire day off friday! I dropped my daughter off, found somewhere to press my dress in an hour, died my hair, got an up-do from my mom's best friend (and drove there with wet nails, and met my fiance at City hall to get the marriage license after he left work at lunch. I did my make up, we got dressed and got to the venue an hour before the ceremony to set up with my two best friends. Everyone showed up, mingled and drank until 6:30 pm, when I quickly pulled our sisters outside and had asked a close friend play a song my dad loved (on his iPhone) for me to walk into with my Stepfather with. My best friend seemed as she was made for this moment and gave the most heartfelt, personalized, hysterical, nerdy ceremony I could have ever imagined. I couldn't get myself to look up, but my husband said there was not a dry eye in the room and I could feel the room about to explode with love. It was everything I could have every imagined and am so thrilled everything happened the way it did. We stayed at the bar late and loved the reactions of our friends spilling in realizing they were at our wedding! Photography has always been the most important component to me through every wedding we planned, and I am so incredibly lucky to have an Uncle has a hobby that he is unbelievable at! I can't stop looking at the photos!

What was totally worth it?

Going with our gut, taking charge, and doing what we wanted on OUR DAY! Also, there was no time for anything to spin out of control! My mom was a little appalled at pizza and champagne but to us that is heaven on earth!

What was not worth it?

I was stressing out too much about markers and the sign for our globe guest one cares!

What did you throw in the Fuck-It Bucket?


What advice do you have for other engaged couples?

I was so concerned about pleasing our families (especially my mother) but realized a lot of that pressure was self-made and everyone just wanted us to be MARRIED.
Take charge of your vision but also give in to the things that aren't as important but are to your families. For example: We didn't want toasting glasses but agreed because both our mothers wanted them, and why not if it makes them happy? Then my Aunt gifted us a beautiful crystal pair her and my uncle used on their wedding day and my best friend gifted us Star Wars inspired no-stem glasses. We were dead set against it (Who brings glasses to a bar?) and ended up taking photos and toasting each other with BOTH sets of glasses that we will always treasure!

How did Bridechilla help you plan your wedding?

The concept of the FIB was a radical game changer for me and completely revolutionized the way I viewed my wedding. One day on the way home from work I was listening to an episode where Erica talks about her Elopement ceremony and had everyone meet on a whim and go to a food truck rodeo and it blew my mind and has been in the back of my mind for MONTHS! Without The Podcast and the Bridechilla Community I wouldn't have gotten into the mindset to take charge and do exactly what we wanted. THANK YOU!!

Stephanie & Jesse's Rockstar Vendors

Venue: Nolan's Corner Pub

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