345- Bridechilla Money Saving Tips Part 2

by Aleisha
345- Bridechilla Money Saving Tips Part 2

In Part 2 of Bridechilla Best money Saving Tips, Aleisha shares some of the Bridechilla Communities most successful ways to think laterally when it comes to getting bargains and using their budget in the most productive and best way possible (and your guests will never notice the difference). If you missed Part 1, be sure to check it out for more tips.
You don’t have to spend loads of money to have the wedding of your dreams. So tune in to hear some creative and practical ideas for saving money while planning your wedding. 

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Wedding dresses don't have to cost as much as a car

I got my dress second hand at this bridal consignment shop. What should have been $1200 ended up only costing $600 and I can sell it back to the same store when I'm done. We also utilized coupons like crazy. We slowly built up our DIY crafts by using the 50% coupons at Michaels and a local wedding coupon book. Bridechilla Chelse

I fell in love with a gown at BHLDN but it was way out of my desired price range, especially accounting for alterations. I checked Poshmark and found the exact dress, altered to my EXACT height, in my exact size, for HALF of the new price (before alterations). Plus, I love that I was able to help a gal recoup some wedding costs! We both won.
Bridechilla Rochelle 

I know hiring a dress is a HUGE money saver for a lot of people - but for those who, for whatever reason, may prefer to buy it, I got just over £1000 off my wedding dress because it was “last season” (who knew that could be a thing for wedding dresses)! This was at the end of the summer when the shops were looking to get rid of old stock to free up space on the rack. It’s a sample size (which tend to be about a UK 12 I think) so less choice in terms of size, but it might help a few people!
Bridechilla Harriet

Money Saving tips Wedding Dress Shopping- Rack BridechillaPhoto by Charisse Kenion

A Wedding Cake doesn't have to 'look' like a wedding cake!

FH and I wanted to get our cake from his favorite bakery in Boston but it would be $1200 for a wedding cake to feed the number of people we’re having. The solution? Buy regular cakes. We’re having a small cutting cake and ordering half sheet cakes for the rest. Total cost? About $350. That’s almost a 75% savings and we’re getting the same delicious cake, just sans tiers. 
Bridechilla Rochelle 

A Waffle wedding cake? Yes please? 

Also instead of having a wedding cake neither of us care about, were having a stack of waffles, that we can make ahead of time and freeze, then defrost and decorate nearer the day. It'll probs cost us £80 including buying a waffle maker (that I will use daily because waffles ♥️)
Bridechilla Kat

Money Saving tips

Photo by Christin Hume

For many Bridechillas, a long engagement is the key to planning a budget friendly wedding

Biggest tip that is totally not doable/desirable for everyone, just something we fell into and it has been SO worth it - long. Engagement.
We are 17 months into a 27 month engagement. We didn't plan it that way. We became engaged in 2017 and with other family weddings in 2018, pushed the wedding to 2019. So so sooooo worth it.

Stress has been minimal: everything is basically planned and ready to go, we were able to take our time deciding on vendors and aesthetic, didn't feel rushed to make any decisions, etc. And financially it is AWESOME - we just finished saving up our entire budget last week! We will be able to pay for our entire wedding in CASH.

The biggest thing was I was able to take note of all the sales from places I wanted to get decor from and could wait until they happened again the following year. That way I wasn't rushing into buying stuff but could REALLY know what I wanted and still get it on sale!

Also, have a bunch of time to do all the DIY my heart desires without stressing about it. I started making robes for my bridal party a month ago and then life happened again and I got busy. But next month I'll have more free time, and I don't feel pressured because I still have 10 months to finish them! Centerpieces are almost done, and they'll just be sitting in a box until August, which is fine with me - at least they'll be DONE.

Now with 10 months to go, we're keeping up our budget habits (picking up side jobs when we can, cooking at home more, putting every extra penny into savings, etc.) So we can do a mini-moon after the wedding, and a totally kick-ass honeymoon in 2020 ?

Yeah, sometimes I just want to be MARRIED UGH. But it will be so worth it when we walk away from the big day completely debt free!
Bridechilla Sarah

Wedding Budgeting- Money Saving tips

Photo by Toa Heftiba

Aleisha's money saving Takeaways

  • Join EBATES! It's a money saving cash back website that will give you big discounts (extra coupons) and cash back on many of your online purchases 
  • Plan before you buy. Take your time. Don't feel rushed.  It will be there tomorrow and if it's not you will find something else!
  • Think laterally when it comes to buying decor and attire...it doesn't have to be labeled 'wedding' to be a part of your wedding!
  • Consider renting whatever you can (and don't want to sell or keep later)! It's good for your budget and good for the environment.

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