347- Bridesmaid Week- How to be a Maidchilla

by Aleisha
Episode 347- Bridesmaid Week- How to be a Maidchilla

Working with your Bridal Party and Bridesmaids in particular, should be fun. They're good friends that you have asked to join you to celebrate your wedding day and perhaps also in pre-wedding activities.
Being a bridesmaid, a Maidchilla, has evolved over recent years with a lot of extra tasks and commitments being added to the to-do list (and added financial obligations). In this episode of Bridechilla, I share my best tips for smooth Bridal Party communication, so you can get on with having an awesome time and ditch any potential stress!

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The Bridechilla community is not only dedicated to helping brides plan their wedding, we are also here to help bridesmaids know how to be a Maidchilla. On this episode of the Bridechilla Podcast, Aleisha shares what she has learned from her own experience and from her interaction with other people in the Bridechilla community about how to be a great bridesmaid. After listening to this episode, you can get much more information by purchasing Aleisha’s new book, The Maidchilla Manual, available for preorder on November 23, Black Friday 2018.

Maidchillas are an elite group of friends who are also now suddenly event planners and counselors and concierges who want to help their Bridechilla get all their shit in order and not lose their marbles!

Sharing the Bridechilla mindset with your bridal party

The Maidchilla Manual was written out of a need to extend the Bridechilla mindset into the wedding party. Many of the questions and comments within the Bridechilla community involve being a part of a wedding party. With so many differing traditions, preferences and expectations, it’s hard to know the proper etiquette for being a great bridesmaid. Aleisha shares some tips for how to manage expectations and increase the chill in the bridal party during this episode. 

What is the difference between a bridesmaid and a Maidchilla? 

Bridesmaids can either be a delight or a disaster. A Maidchilla is different. They refuse to participate in petty arguments or drama. They realize their major role is to support their Bridechilla. Aleisha says that adopting the Bridechilla mindset puts a Maidchilla in an elite group of friends that help create great wedding planning and wedding day experience. Listen to the key differences between a typical bridesmaid and a Maidchilla on this week’s Bridechilla podcast. 

Communication is the key

In any relationship, communication is key. A lot of misunderstandings and issues can be avoided if expectations were communicated clearly from the outset. Aleisha says, “Most problems come from the assumption of information.” She stresses the importance of having honest conversations with the wedding party early on in the planning process. Talk about potential issues before they blow up into major problems. And most importantly, set expectations clearly so that there is no confusion about roles, whose in charge of what, what to wear, or any other part of wedding planning.

The Maidchilla Manual

The guide for how to be a Maidchilla

The goal of the new Maidchilla Manual is to provide solutions and options to make the wedding a kick-ass experience. Considering the variety of people and the different life-circumstances represented in most bridal parties, there is plenty of opportunity for issues to arises. Bringing together people who may not normally be acquainted can be difficult. On this week’s podcast, Aleisha shares from her personal experience of dealing with those difficulties and how she strives to be a Maidchilla herself. She also addresses many other issues related to having or being a part of a wedding party. 

Be sure to grab your copy of The Maidchilla Manual. You can preorder The Maidchilla Manual for a really sweet deal on Black Friday, November 23, 2018. For more information or to order, visit bridechillastore.com.

Show Highlights

  • [1:33] After many comments and questions about how to deal with bridesmaids, Aleisha is now addressing the topic with her new book The Maidchilla Manual
  • [6:33] The difference between being a bridesmaid and being a Maidchilla
  • [12:05] What is the job of a Maidchilla? 
  • [22:14] The big list of questions to ask your Bridechilla to help clarify expectations. 
  • [23:52] Aleisha shares a story of how she had to put aside her life circumstances to help make her friends wedding special
  • [30:02] Giving your wedding party choice and individuality with things like what to wear
  • [35:23] The Maidchilla manual has guidance for adopting the Bridechilla mindset
  • [36:29] How to deal with removing someone from your bridal party and how to avoid that situation altogether
  • [39:39] Remember that the wedding is about making a memorable day and not getting wrapped up in the drama or stress

Photo by Liz Weddon

Memorable Quotes

  • “Most problems come from the assumption of information.”
  • “I feel quite strongly that you shouldn’t invite people to the bachelorette or hen’s party that aren’t invited to the wedding.”
  • “Everyone involved (in the wedding) are at very different stages in their life”
  • “It would have to be very dramatic to remove someone from a bridal party, because that decision is a friendship ender or at least a friendship big-dent-maker.”

Photo by William Iven 

Show image by Brooke Cagle 

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