Episode 350-How to be a Rock n Roll Bride with Kat Williams

How to be a Rock n Roll Bride
with Kat Williams

Do you consider yourself to be a rock n roll bride? Or would you like to be a rock n roll bride? Then today’s Bridechilla podcast is for you. Kat Williams, author, and creator of the Rock n Roll Bride blog returns to the Bridechilla Podcast to discuss her new book, what it means to plan an alternative wedding and how the wedding industry is being reshaped by rock n roll brides. 

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The power of collaboration

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make and tasks that need to be accomplished. How do you keep from feeling overwhelmed? Rock n roll brides know that it is important to rely on others to get it all done. Kat Williams says that friends and family generally like to help, so don’t be afraid to ask. You’re wedding will go much smoother and you will enjoy the process much more when you tap into the power of collaboration. Kat also shares how she collaborates to run her business and how brides can benefit from sharing responsibility with those you trust.

"Generally people want to help. Your family and friends probably do want to help and if they don’t they’re dickheads and you shouldn’t invite them anyway."

The shift in the wedding industry

Kat recalls that when she was planning her wedding, the only choice for a wedding dress was a big designer brand sold in a big boutique. However, there has been a shift in the industry toward independent creators and designers. “People want to feel like their wedding dress is being created by artisans rather than Mr. Man in a Suit selling wedding dresses” says Kat. Being a rock n roll bride is all about expressing and celebrating what makes you and your partner special. Hear Kat talk about how the desire for personalization and individuality is changing the wedding industry during this Bridechilla episode.

"I always say that an alternative wedding is basically a wedding that doesn’t follow tradition blindly.” 

How to plan an alternative wedding

Having an alternative wedding isn’t about being the craziest or wackiest. You don’t have to jump out of an airplane or have an over-the-top theme. An alternative wedding just means that you don’t follow tradition blindly. Alternative weddings are becoming more popular because they allow the couple to display their uniqueness. It also allows them to save money on the things that don’t matter to them so they can spend it on what they really like. Kat Williams specializes in alternative weddings, so be sure to listen to this interview to hear more.

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"If I’ve learned anything from running my own business, it's that sometimes you’ve got to be a bitch to get shit done.”.” 

Rock n Roll Bride: The Book

Since starting her blog in 2007, Kat has learned much from her community and experience about being a rock n roll bride and planning a wedding. After over 10 years of writing and publishing her blog and magazine, Kat finally decided to write a book that captures much of her knowledge and insight. The book covers many of the topics and questions related to planning an alternative wedding in a beautiful and practical way. The book comes out in early January of 2019. You can preorder you copy now at the rocknrollbride.com/shop.

Kat's fabulous new book- set to be released in Jan 2019

Show Highlights

  • [0:51] Introduction of Kat Williams, founder of Rock n Roll Bride blog. She is also a businesswoman, author and creator of Rock n Roll bride magazine.
  • [2:11] How Kat Williams started blogging about wedding and what she’s been up to since her last time on the Bridechilla show four years ago.
  • [4:56] The power of collaboration in life, business and wedding planning
  • [8:29] What it is like for Kat to help with a wedding
  • [10:43] Aleisha and Kat discuss the shift in the wedding industry toward smaller, boutique brands and creators
  • [17:14] How do you define what an alternative wedding is?
  • [23:26] Kat gives guidance on keeping the peace and maintaining relationships with your wedding party during the wedding
  • [29:02] How getting a book deal helped Kat accomplish the goal of writing her book
  • [34:13] What Kat is producing for Crown & Glory which will launch on Valentine’s Day 2019

Meet This Episode’s Guest

Kat Williams is the creator of Rock-n-Roll Bride a blog dedicated to helping couples plan the kind of wedding that truly and uniquely reflects them. Kat started the blog in 2007 and it is now one of the biggest wedding blogs in the world. It is now accompanied by a bi-monthly print magazine of the same name that is published and read by quirky, alternative and creative people around the world. Kat’s first book, Rock n Roll Bride: The Ultimate Guide for Alternative Brides is being released on January 8th 2019, published by Ryland, Peters and Small.

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