352- Big Wedding, Small Budget- Bridechilla Claire

by Aleisha

This episode of Bridechilla is full of some great wedding ideas on a budget. What is the appropriate amount of money to spend on a wedding? How can you have the wedding of your dreams without going completely bankrupt? The good news is, you don’t have to break the bank to have a fantastic wedding. But you do have to make a plan and stick to it. On today’s Bridechilla podcast, you’ll hear from Bridechilla Claire who planned a wedding for 400 people for only $15,000. She shares some tips and tricks for saving money and offers encouragement for how you can have a great wedding even on a limited budget.

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Sticker shock is a huge thing. I know a lot of us start wedding planning and have a complete meltdown when you realize how much stuff actually costs or how much people are willing to pay for things.

How big of a budget do you need for your wedding?

There is no universal budget for a wedding. The cost often depends on the location in which you live and the individual circumstances related to your wedding. So how do you go about setting a budget. And how can you avoid the dreaded sticker shock of planning a wedding? Having a budget doesn’t mean your cheap. It just means you are choosing to focus on what is most important to you. Your budget should be guided by your priorities. Once you’ve established what is non negotiable, then you can determine how to best allocate your money. Hear more tips for how to sidestep sticker shock on this week’s podcast.

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Decide what matters most

Bridechilla Claire is an inspiration. She reminds us that you don’t have to spend tons of money to have a great time planning your wedding. The key is to be flexible and creative. Claire and her fiance decided that one non negotiable for them was the people. Having 400 guests is no small party. But rather than sacrifice and have to cut the guest list, they decided to compromise on other details that weren’t as important to them. There are so many details that seem important, but the go virtually unnoticed by most people who come to the wedding. Skip those details and focus on what really matters. Listen as Claire share more wedding ideas on a budget during this episode.

It’s time to be a satisficer

Claire warns against the dangers of trying to maximize every decision. There are going to be some plans that fall through. There are also going to be some things that you want that you may have to cut in order to stay on budget. If your priorities are already set, then you’ll be able to handle those kinds of situations in stride. Claire also introduces a term in this episode that is helpful when making the many decisions that come with planning a wedding. She encourages others to be a satisficer. Listen to this episode to hear exactly what that means and how you can become one.

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Cute and creative wedding ideas on a budget

Weddings are all about the people and the place. The greatest cost will be feeding the people and providing the place for all of them to gather. It might be helpful to consider function over form when it comes to the wedding venue. You don’t have to rent the most expensive venue in order to accommodate your guests. Find a budget friendly venue and use your creativity to make it more appealing. There are also creative ways to provide food for the wedding. Claire shares how a Costco membership made a huge difference in the way she is going to feed her guest. Listen to this episode of the Bridechilla podcast for more cute and creative wedding ideas on a budget.

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Listen to episode 352 of Bridechilla

Show Highlights

  • [2:21] This episode is a call back to a previous episode with Bridechilla episode related to wedding budget.

  • [6:29] Introduction of Bridechilla Claire, who organized a wedding for 400 people for only $15,000.

  • [10:51] The details of how Claire is pulling off planning her wedding with such a strict budget.

  • [12:15] Being flexible and creative, avoiding the trap of trying to maximize every decision by focusing on what is most important.  

  • [18:00] The biggest expenditures for a wedding are the people and the venue

  • [26:44] Claire talks about how investing in a Costco membership helped with essentials for the wedding

  • [28:18] Lean on your community to help with decorations and set up for the wedding

  • [32:50] Find a way to make things special and spend quality time with those closest to you.

Memorable Quotes

  • “Sticker shock is a huge thing. I know a lot of us start wedding planning and have a complete meltdown when you realize how much stuff actually costs or how much people are willing to pay for things.”

  • “You can have a fun, nice wedding and it not cost you a total arm and a leg.”

  • “Be a satisficer. Don’t try to maximize every decision.”

  • “Weddings are about people, places and things, according to kindergarten.”

  • “It’s all about flexibility and it’s all about saying no to the idea that we have to do things a certain way.“

Meet This Episode’s Guest

Bridechilla Claire left a voicemail explaining how she planned her wedding for 400 people and only spent $15,000. Throughout the episode she shares some of the tips and tricks that she’s discovered while planning her own wedding. From utilizing a free venue, to leveraging a Costco membership, Claire has a ton of great input for wedding ideas on a budget.

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