355- Bridechilla Wedding planning Q&A

by Aleisha
Episode 355- Bridechilla Wedding planning Q&A

With so many decisions to make for your big day, there’s no doubt that you have wedding planning questions. Where can you go to get good advice from someone who has a ton of experience in helping people make their wedding the best it can be? Who can you trust to answer your burning questions with wit, candor and authenticity? If you are looking for answers to your wedding planning questions, the Bridechilla podcast is for you. On this episode, Aleisha discusses popular questions submitted from Bridechillas and Groomchillas just like you in the Bridechilla community. 

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Don’t Fail With the Veil

In the Bridechilla community there is no question too large or too small. One of the seemingly minor details of wedding planning and especially the wedding dress is the veil. But if you’ve had any experience with Bridechllla at all, you know that there is a big to do about veils. Should you have a veil? If so, where do you get one? How much should you spend? Should you make it yourself? These are the kinds of questions the Bridechilla podcast is here for. Bridechilla Nelly asks for advice on where to get a veil on a budget. Hear Aleisha’s feedback on how to decide on the right veil and where to get one during this podcast.

“My biggest tip in the lead up to a wedding day or big event is to not overbook yourself but also be very aware of time”

How to avoid stress and enjoy your wedding

With so much going on leading up to the wedding, it is easy for stress and exhaustion to compromise your enjoyment of the experience. But this shouldn’t be the case. You should be able to plan your wedding and enjoy it too! Aleisha discusses ways to reduce stress on the days prior to the wedding. She encourages couples to be sure and plan their calendar in such a way that they can enjoy family and out-of-town guests while still getting the rest and space they need. She also gives some great advice for how to make the most of the wedding day by finding moments of quiet and reflection. You don’t have to be stressed during your wedding. You can create a sense of calm and peace that will make your day that much more special.

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Maximize your menu with a minimal amount of money

One way to maximize your wedding budget is by getting creative with your food menu. Rather than feeding everyone an exquisite dinner, you might decide to just do simple, yet elegant hor devours. You can even replace your caterer with a well-planned trip to Costco. Aleisha shares how she and Rich relied on friends and a little ingenuity to create a menu that looked and tasted fancy, but didn’t break the budget. It will take some advanced planning, but you can save money while still providing your guests with a quality food experience. Hear more advice from Aleisha and the Bridechilla community during this special Q&A edition of the Bridechilla podcast.

The Answers to Your Destination Wedding Planning Questions

Destination weddings are a great option for a wedding you’ll never forget. The tricky part is how to handle the cost with your guests. How can you maintain your budget while still having your friends and family attend? Aleisha says,“If people want to come and have a little holiday and experience the three days of activities and socializing, it’s a really good deal for them.” She also shares how she and Rich handled their destination wedding experience. There are several approaches you can take so that your guests can have a great experience without you having to foot the bill. Hear advice about how to plan your destination wedding and much more on this episode.  

“If people want to come and have a little holiday and experience the three days of activities and socializing, it’s a really good deal for them”

Listen to Episode 355 of Bridechilla

Show Highlights

  • [1:02] Today’s episode is a Q&A session, as Aleisha fields questions from the Bridechilla community
  • [3:20] Nelly asks about whether you should save money on a vail or is there a risk of getting a poor quality item?
  • [7:51] If your plus one is not a certain long-term relationship, should you include their name on the RSVP?
  • [10:40] Chelsea asks about how to find the best wedding dress based on your budget?
  • [13:45] Suggestions for the days leading up to the wedding day to help calm you down and keep you present on the wedding day
  • [18:37] Grace wants to use character names for table placement, but wants to know how to handle the logistics of it
  • [20:34] Bridechilla Anna asks advice for how to plan out an appetizer menu for her small, casual wedding
  • [26:41] Will out of town guests be underwhelmed by a simple food menu for a wedding
  • [29:18] For a destination wedding, should you ask your guests to chip in on accommodations?

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