356-Finding Work Wedding Balance

by Aleisha
Episode 356-Finding Work Wedding Balance

Guests Michelle and Lucy from Honey Dew are here to help you find a better work/life/wedding balance. Last year they quit their day jobs to launch their business with the aim to help couples ditch the hard slog of wedding research and get them to be the middle ladies in the vendor/client relationship.
They have become the buffer between wedding vendors couples, so that couples can STOP reading through 17 page wedding packets for each vendor they talked to, and just…let Michelle and Lucy screen vendors for them!

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Finding a Work-Wedding Balance with Lucy and Michelle from Honeydew

Since you can’t just press pause on 6 months of life and work, it is important to find a work-wedding balance when planning your wedding. When you have a full-time job and a life full of responsibilities and activities, it’s difficult to find the time to invest in planning your wedding. On today’s Bridechilla podcast, guests Michelle and Lucy from Honeydew, an online wedding planning service, share how they are helping take the stress out of the wedding planning experience. Hear planning hacks, tips about how to deal with vendors, and how Honeydew can help you.

"A lot of times women become default planners throughout their lives. It’s a role we take on either by choice because willingly we want to or because sometimes we are the only ones left willing to carry that burden."

Who has time to plan a wedding? 

Michelle and Lucy say that it takes 300+ hours to plan a wedding. You have to screen vendors, pick out flowers, book a venue, plan a menu, find a dress and select outfits for the wedding party. And on top of all that, you have to balance the demands of daily life. Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal assistant who could help you with the planning? That’s exactly why Michelle and Lucy started Honeydew. They developed a tech savvy solution that is the go-between for couples and their wedding vendors. Hear more about how they started the company and the value they are bring to Bridechillas everywhere on this week’s podcast. 

How to get creative in your wedding planning

Many times, brides find that the only option to help them plan their wedding is using a traditional wedding planner. Wedding planners know vendors and venues and can help ease the burden of planning. However, sometimes traditional wedding planners can become barriers to creativity. It is becoming increasingly more common to create a unique wedding experience. Sometimes the traditional wedding photographer or florists can’t accomplish what the couple wants. How can you get past the traditional mindset to create a personalized wedding? Listen as Michelle and Lucy share tips for getting past the creative barriers while planning your wedding.  

“No one is going to do a bad job because they resent you for negotiating. Everyone is going to want to do an amazing job so that you refer th​em to your friends and talk highly of them.”

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Tips for staying on budget

As we’ve talked about many times on the bridechilla podcast, it is so important to have a budget for your wedding. Whether it’s a shoestring budget or tens of thousands of dollars, knowing your budget will help you prioritize as you plan. Michelle and Lucy stress that you can leverage your budget when dealing with vendors. Knowing your budget gives you negotiating power. And don’t be afraid of hurting a vendors feelings or making them mad. Vendors have markups and can often give discounts in a variety of ways. The key is to always be polite and direct with your desires. Listen to the podcast to hear more tips on negotiating and dealing with vendors from Michelle and Lucy.

Helping Chillas find a work-wedding balance 

Lucy and Michelle started Honeydew because they understood the stress and demands that Bridechillas face. They deal with a lot of high power women who have stressful and time consuming jobs. Add planning a wedding to that lifestyle and it’s a much more difficult challenge. No matter what your job or life circumstance may be, trying to find a work-wedding balance is difficult. Honeydew was created to help ease that burden and help brides and couples be able to fulfill their daily obligations and even find joy in planning their wedding. Hear all about Honeydew and much more on the Bridechilla podcast. 

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Listen to Episode 356 of the Bridechilla Podcast

Meet This Episode’s Guest

After watching their sisters and friends stress about the details of wedding planning, Lucy and Michelle decided to take action. Using their experience in technology and business at Amazon and McKinsey, they created a solution to make the wedding planning process simpler and more affordable. They co-founded Honeydew, a business dedicated to helping couples plan their weddings by reducing the stress of dealing with vendors. Honeydew serves as a personal assistant for the wedding planning process.

*If US Chillas head to Honeydew and click “Plan for Me” and mention "Bridechilla" or use referral code "CHILLA" they'll get a 10% discount!

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