357- How to think like a Wedding Planner

by Aleisha

Choosing to work with a wedding planner or coordinator to help plan your wedding (and manage the logistics of the day) can we a wonderful investment but how do you find a planner who is qualified and experienced? Today's guest Kylie Carlson is the owner of the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning. Kylie shares her tips for finding the right help for you, pricing and how to communicate clearly to plan the wedding you want!  Listen to this episode and prepare to learn how to think like a wedding planner

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Are there too many choices?

There has been a huge shift in wedding planning thanks to social media. Now, brides and couples have thousands of pictures and videos that show the most unique and extravagant weddings. Wanting to have their own personalized experience, couples have to sift through more options than ever before. This creates a longer list of demands and potentially adds more stress to everyone involved. Kylie says that many brides are simply overwhelmed by choice. She cautions against the unrealistic expectations that social media can create. Hear more advice for how to avoid that sense of overwhelm while still having the kind of wedding you dream of during this conversation.

How to avoid the Bridezilla label

Hopefully, most people will only have to experience planning one wedding in their lifetime. Nobody gets married hoping for that marriage to fail so they can go through the process all over again. This fact often puts unnecessary pressure on the couple to have everything work out perfectly. The stress and desire to get it right, combined with potential frustration of dealing with vendors, wedding parties, decorations and family can lead to brides being called the dreaded term - bridezilla. Kylie discusses why some brides can be seen as bridezillas, why that term is unfair, and how to avoid being labeled a bridezilla during this podcast.

Teamwork makes the wedding planning dream work

Throughout the episode, Kylie Carlson discusses ways an average wedding planner can become a great one. Being better than the rest takes special attention to detail and going the extra mile to ensure the couple your working with has an exceptional experience. One way to think like a top-level wedding planner is by considering both partners getting married. Often wedding planners make the mistake of focusing only on the bride’s needs. This causes the other partner to feel left out and can put additional stress on the bride. Instead, Kylie suggests that wedding planners work with both parties to determine their needs and desires.

Choosing vendors like a wedding planner

Choosing not to hire a wedding planner leaves the couple with the responsibility of dealing with vendors. However, wedding planners have a network of trusted vendors and experience in negotiating that is more than worth the price of hiring them. A great wedding planner also knows the right way to interview and vet potential vendors to ensure a great experience. Choosing a wedding planner means couples only have to interview for that one position, not the entire multitude of vendors needed for the wedding.  Kylie suggests that couples not get into business with someone you don’t think you can trust or work with. Hear more tips for how to think like a wedding planner on this episode of the Bridechilla podcast.

Listen to Episode 357 of Bridechilla

Show Highlights

  • [1:36] Wedding planning is overwhelming because not many people have ever really planned an event like this. That’s why the bridechilla podcast exists, to help ease the stress and provide resources to help brides and couples plan the wedding they want and deserve
  • [4:28] Introduction of Kylie Carlson, owner International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning
  • [6:41] How Kylie got into the wedding and event industry through her job as a pot washer, then silver service waitress.
  • [11:43] The changes that Kylie has seen in her career planning events and weddings and how internet access has been both helpful and harmful to wedding planning
  • [14:03] The pressure and stress of wedding planning can lead to the so-called “Bridezilla”
  • [16:49] Groomzillas are now an issue because grooms are having more input in the wedding
  • [19:20] How can you get the groom more involved in the wedding planning process
  • [25:36] Kylie talks about the 3 kinds of students that go through her academy and what kind of people aren’t cut out for wedding and event planning
  • [29:49] Tips for couples when interviewing their wedding vendors and/or planner
  • [36:48] How hiring a wedding planner can pay off when planning your wedding

Memorable Quotes

  • “From a bridal couples point of view, they are overwhelmed with choice because they didn’t have the access to everything that they’ve got now.”
  • “It’s actually now not so much the brides who are causing the problems, a lot of the times it’s the grooms”
  • “If you don’t hit it off with somebody and you don’t like them, you’re not going to be able to work with them, whether that’s as a professional or as a bride or groom.”
  • “Don’t be drawn in by a gorgeous website and don’t be drawn in by gorgeous pictures on a website.”
  • “The beauty of a planner is they’ve already vetted everybody for you.”

Meet This Episode’s Guest

Kylie Carlson is the owner of the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning. With six locations globally, the academy boasts an internationally recognized accreditation program that brings professional training to wedding planners, designers and stylists. As Director of the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning Kylie teaches, inspires and motivates the future stars of the wedding and event industry.

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