361- Planning the Wedding You Want with Natasha Johnson

by Aleisha

Natasha Johnson, wedding celebrant and founder of the Engaged and Ready blog, joins the Bridechilla podcast to talk about planning the wedding you want. Every couple is unique. Different backgrounds, cultures, and styles make a one-size-fits-all wedding model impossible. Rather than trying to live up to tradition or other people’s expectations, couples should simply do what they want for their wedding. During this conversation, Natasha shares her approach to helping couples plan their wedding and how she encourages them to be themselves and plan the wedding they want.

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How to make your wedding special by focusing on what’s most important

At the beginning of the episode, Aleisha stresses the importance of focusing on what really matters in your wedding. So much time and attention is given to the decorations, food, vendors, and other items that the real purpose of the wedding gets ignored. What is said during the wedding is vastly more important than what is spent with vendors. Throughout the interview with Natasha, there are reminders of the most important parts of the wedding that should be valued most during the planning process.

"I’m just really getting to what I feel things are overlooked sometimes in this crazy wedding world that we are in. The important stuff. The heart stuff. The reason we get married"

The road to being a professional celebrant

Natasha shares the fascinating story of how she became a professional wedding celebrant. Her first wedding involved very little planning but facilitated a life-changing moment that set the course for Natasha’s new career path. Now having officiated over 700 weddings, she has gained a ton of experience that she wants to share with the world. Listen as Natasha speaks of her passion for helping couples plan the wedding they want and how she uses her platform to do just that.

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No rules. Just right

Because she wants couples to succeed in planning the wedding they want, Natasha doesn’t impose any rules on couples. Throughout the episode she shares stories about the weddings she has facilitated and the ways in which they expressed the uniqueness and individuality of the couple. Not being bound to any particular format gives brides and grooms the freedom to make their day special. As with many other guests that have joined the Bridechilla podcast, Natasha bemoans the negative effects of social media and the unnecessary pressure and comparison trap it has imposed on brides when planning their wedding. Her no rules approach helps alleviate that stress by giving couples a clean slate on which to create their wedding.

"Traditions are so entrenched in our society and in the wedding world that people have gotten confused and they think that there are actual wedding rules."

Planning the wedding you want: escaping the tradition trap

Weddings are an unusual event because there are so many traditions. From who walks down the aisle, to the format of the wedding, to what is said between the couple, there are a ton of wedding traditions. Many of those traditions have outdated and nefarious origins. Natasha explains her to desire to accommodate whatever traditions a couple desire while also educating them about those particular traditions. Helping a couple make an educated decision will give them a wedding they can be happy with for years to come. Listen to this episode to hear how you can get on the path to planning the wedding you want.

Listen to Episode 361 of Bridechilla

“My number one thing I say to couples is that the rules are there are no rules. This is their day. This is how they want to get married. They need to tell me what they want from their ceremony and I can tell them how we can make that into a ceremony."

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Show Highlights

  • [4:54] Introduction of today’s guest Natasha Johnson, wedding celebrant, founder of Engaged and Ready and The Celebrants’ Collective.
  • [6:58] Natasha shares how she became a wedding celebrant and the story of her very first wedding
  • [13:10] The magic moment when Natasha realized what she was going to do for a career
  • [16:05] Through her vast experience with couples getting married, Natasha felt compelled to start a blog so that she could share her insight with other couples
  • [21:36] The types of celebrants and how Natasha approaches each couples wedding so that she can serve them well
  • [27:25] Because of her ethos, Natasha doesn’t put any parameters on what the ceremony should look like. She lets couples personalize their weddings completely
  • [28:42] Taking traditions into consideration and helping couples understand the origins of the traditions so they can make informed decisions   

Meet Natasha

Natasha Johnson is a former BBC news anchor who found a love for helping couples with their weddings. She is also the Founder of the Celebrants’ Collective, an online career development platform for celebrants in Europe and beyond, which also runs annual retreat conventions for celebrants, too.

Natasha hosts the popular Celebrant Business Podcast and she is a judge for the ‘Best UK Wedding Celebrant,’ category at The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA).

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