358- Your Wedding Floral Timeline

by Aleisha

When it comes to choosing how to incorporate flowers in your wedding decor it can be challenging to figure our how to best make your budget stretch and to navigate what flowers are in season, how to DIY aspects and how to know if you are getting a good deal or not? In this episode of Bridechilla, I am joined by The Flower Guy Bron who provides bespoke design and styling experiences for events of all types. Bron tells it like it is and shares practical advice to plan your wedding florals and stay in budget. 

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How to start making flower arrangements

Because your wedding is so important, you don’t want to take a haphazard approach to planning your special day. There’s no need to stress out about every little detail, but you do want to make sure that you’ve covered all of your bases and ensured that you are getting everything you want. When it comes to the flowers, Bron Hansboro suggests doing some research before you talk with a florist. He encourages couples to use the readily available resources on the internet to find what you like. Create a database of pictures that you can take to your planner and or florist. This will help them to understand your style and be able to give you pricing so that you can manage your budget. The first step of making great flower arrangements is to evaluate your priorities and make a plan.

Not everyone can afford professional floral design services and the last thing I want people to do with me is spend their last hard earned money and be upset about it after the fact”

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When to book your florist

Depending on your needs and desires, it is important to give your vendors time to accomplish your vision. Bron suggests couples begin talking with their florists 8-12 months prior to the event. This allows them to order the necessary hard goods and determine what flowers will be available during that time period. Also, couples should be sure to take into account that florists are busy during certain seasons. Listen to Bron’s other suggestions for how and when to talk with a florist on this episode of the Bridechilla podcast.  

How to DIY Your flowers

Not every couple will spend a lot of thought or money on flowers. Sometimes it doesn’t fit their personal style. Flowers aren’t cheap, so it may not be cost-effective for some couples to use a professional florist. Bron says, “Not everyone can afford professional floral design services and the last thing I want people to do with me is spend their last hard earned money and be upset about it after the fact.” Many local stores carry flowers that couples can purchase and arrange on their own for a fraction of the price. While it will require creative planning, you can DIY your flowers. During this interview, Bron shares tips for how couples can save money and have unique decorations by arranging their own wedding flowers.

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Get creative with your flower arrangements

As a professional florist who expresses his art through flowers, Bron Hansboro loves to think outside the box when it comes to flower arrangements. He says that he likes to put flowers anywhere they aren’t expected to be, including ceiling installations, staircase wraps, and even on top of cars. Bron encourages couples to consider how flowers might best represent them. If a bride or a couple doesn’t really care about flowers, then they can use them to compliment the items that better represent them. Sometimes less is more. The key is to be creative and original. Hear more ideas and tips about how to approach your wedding flower arrangements during this week’s Bridechilla podcast.

Listen to Episode 358 of Bridechilla

Meet Bron’The Flower Guy’

I’m Bron, the chief creative here at The Flower Guy Bron.  I’m a wanderer of the world and a modern day Renaissance man.  I love art, good wine and great company, oh and of course flowers.

My work with flowers is organic and my most natural expression.  I let the blooms whisper and I listen.  Therefore, it’s not always rocket science, but sometimes it is and I rise to the occasion.

I live by the simple principle, “Be your best self” and encourage others to join me.Follow Bron on

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