How to sleep when you’re dealing with pre-wedding jitters

by Aleisha

Sleep + stress can be a very annoying combo for some Chillas. With your brain buzzing and your adrenaline pumping getting a restful night’s sleep can be a challenge. Sarah from Tuck, a dedicated resource for both sleep health, shares some tips to help you get a good night sleep. ??

Bridechillas and Groomchillas have a lot on their mind when they are planning a wedding, which can make it difficult to stay chill. It can also make it difficult to sleep because you are focused on everything that needs to be done. Getting enough sleep is incredibly important to be able to handle all of the curveballs that come with event planning, so you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to get them regularly! If you find this being a problem for you, here are some tips to help you deal with the stress that you are dealing with!

Work out the Jitters with Light Exercise

If you keep catching yourself fidgeting with things or struggling to focus, you might need to work on working out those jitters. If you find that it’s only showing up in the evening, you should do this with light exercise that doesn’t get your heart rate elevated too much in order to avoid the adrenaline rush that will keep you up all night. You can also do a heavier workout earlier in the day to make you more tired in the afternoons and evenings.

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Double Check Things At Home

If you’re far from home checking out new venues or actually getting married, it can be easy to get stressed about what might be going on at your home.

We recommend you call someone you trust and have them check on your home to make sure that it’s secure or check in with your security company to make sure that nothing unusual has been going on around your home. This is an easy way to assuage your fears and give you the peace of mind you deserve while you travel.

Talk to Your Partner About Your Worries

One of the perks of getting married is that you always have someone to turn to when you are struggling with something – your partner. If something about the wedding planning process is bothering you, talk to your partner about it. This event is about both of you so make sure that you’re not the only one stressing about the celebration. If you can’t talk to your partner, try bending your bridesmaids’ ears. They’re your close friends and are supposed to be helping you with your stress. They might even have the perfect solution to your problem!

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Optimize Your Sleep Area

Last but not least, make sure that your sleep area is as conducive to a good night’s sleep as possible. This means getting rid of distractions like your wedding planning supplies, blocking out extraneous noise and light, and putting your phone somewhere where you won’t reach for it in the middle of the night to do more work.

If you are tossing and turning, the reason might be related to the mattress that you are sleeping on or the pillows that you are resting your head on. Try changing up your pillows or mattress topper if you haven’t in a while to see if that helps. 

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