Kristofer and Natalie’s Non-Traditional, Jewel tone Scottish Wedding

by Aleisha

Inspired by ‘badass Chillas’ Bridechilla Natalie and Kris decided to ditch tradition and make their DIY, Scottish wedding day all about them including details of all the things they love, like Disney, Harry Potter and their family!

Tell us a little about you and your partner!

Myself and Kristofer met October 2010 we got engaged June 2011 – He proposed to me where we had our very first date… our local pub! We both love to watch films, eat food, long hill walks and most of all be silly together. We have a mutual love of all things Disney, Christmas and cats (we have 4).

Tell us all about your event!

Our wedding was exactly what we wanted it to be… US.

We aren’t your typical bride and groom. Kristofer wanted to wear his family clan tartan (Murray) and with that we decided to have all the best men in their own clan kilts.

I knew a white wedding dress want for me so I decided to go big nude skirt (with a hidden black layer) and a black low back lace top. I knew I wanted the bridesmaids in velvet floor length dresses.

What inspired your wedding aesthetic and design

Our inspiration for our wedding was seeing all the badass chillas doing what was them. We wanted the day to not just be about us but about our loved ones as they are apart of our relationship as they have helped us and somewhat made who we are today.

We got married on a Sunday so we decided to have one large oval table and have a Sunday roast beef (which was FAB) we decided not to pressure anyone into speeches so we had an open speech table that worked out great! Our priorities for the day was to make sure we slow down and enjoy every moment and of course to dance all night.

What was your favourite moment from your celebration?

My favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle and seeing his face knowing that today marks the day of me becoming his wife. We wanted our family and close friends to feel part of our wedding so we decided to do oathing stones where all the guests and family’s join us in our vows and help set our vows in stone.

I decided I wanted to put a lot of work into our wedding to make it more special, with that I decided to make my own bouquet and the bridesmaids lanterns, a rather large backdrop, Harry potter card holder, welcome signs, Bride/Bridesmaids jackets, table names – Flowers and Disney names for the women and star wars names and Lego figures for men and most evening decorations

What was not worth it?

The stress before hand! I am super glad I didn’t spend a fortune on my wedding outfit too!

What did you throw in the Fuck-It Bucket?

Chair covers! Travel bus, Canapes, favors – we decided to donate to 2 of our close to heart charities rather than a chocolate or drink) and flowers for mothers (we decided to whisk them away for a weekend rather than spend £60-80 on flowers)

What advice do you have for other couples planning their weddings?

Please don’t stress over the little things, don’t listen to other people’s opinions just be yourself and don’t worry everything will turn out just right as at the end of the day you will walk home a married person.

How did Bridechilla help you plan your wedding?

The Bridechilla Community helped me do what I wanted to do and not to listen to others! I cannot thank the community enough for the help and support!

Which Bridechilla resources did you use when planning your wedding?

The Bridechilla Podcast, The Bridechilla Blog, Bridechilla Community on Facebook, Bridechilla Wedding Directory, Bridechilla Survival Guide, Bridechilla Field Guide

Kris and Natalie’s Rockstar Vendors

Photographer-  David RuffSkirt – 1000Love on EtsyCake – Bumblebee Bakehouse (Paisley)Kilts – Houston KiltmakersDJ was Kristofer’s Dads friend WallaceCeilidh band – Loudon Ceilidh Band And the amazing Scott & Hannah at House for an Art lover

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