362- The Serious Side of Wedding Planning Q&A with Aleisha

by Aleisha

Planning a wedding can seem like a trivial affair. After all, you are just planning a big party. However, because it involves the people you love and the history that accompanies many of those relationships, the wedding is anything but trivial. The Bridechilla podcast is dedicated to dealing with the real issues that come with planning a wedding and just being a human being. In this episode, Aleisha talks about the serious side of wedding planning by answering questions that come directly from the Bridechilla Community. Listen as she shares tips and advice for how to address common and often difficult experience that arise when planning a wedding.

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Handling hurtful family members

When someone who loves you finds out you are getting married, it is quite natural for them to want to be a part. But what if that person has destructive issues in their own life that could jeopardize the joy you experience during your wedding? Or what if they have caused you harm in the past in such a way that you want exclude them from the event? The most important thing is that you plan a day that you will fully enjoy. Chelsea is concerned with having her mom around during the wedding and asks for advice on how to limit her influence on this special day.

Listen to Aleisha’s advice and hear her explain what she calls production management.

“We’ve all got someone in our lives that lets people down and you want to fix them, but you can’t.”

Is a wedding really that big of a deal?

Kate from D.C. is excited to be getting married, but doesn’t understand why everyone else makes such a big deal out of this one event, when she has accomplished many other great things in her life. She feels like those achievements are being overshadowed. Aleisha reminds the Bridechilla community that while some people allow the wedding to be all encompassing, other people desire to hold their wedding in balance with all the other important obligations in life. How you approach the wedding doesn’t lessen the importance of the day.

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How to include your child in the wedding

How do you incorporate children into the wedding? This is the question that Katie wanted Aleisha to address. If you or your partner has kids, you will likely want to include them in the ceremony. Aleisha encourages couples to make sure you have a game plan. Because rehearsals and weddings can often be lengthy and involve a lot of standing around, it is important to consider what you will do with the child. Aleisha also discusses important considerations for planning a wedding if you are pregnant.

“If you are planning to involve the kids in the wedding, I think it is just sensible, as I’m sure you would, to have a bit of a game plan.” 

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What to do when everyone has an opinion

Whenever you have a big event that involves family and friends, it is likely that people will try to start giving you advice. Often, opinions are given even though they are unsolicited. If they truly love you, they have your best interest in mind and are really just trying to be helpful. But we all know that a multitude of conflicting opinions can be anything but helpful. How do you deal with this awkward situation? As always, Aleisha is a proponent for bold, honest conversations and this episode is no different. Listen as she gives advice about the serious side of wedding planning during this episode of the Bridechilla podcast.

Listen to episode 362 of Bridechilla

Show Highlights

  • [0:38] This episode is another question and answer session with host Aleisha. She addresses questions submitted from the Bridechilla community.

  • [1:19] Morgan tells her story about how the Bridechilla podcast helped her handle the issue of wedding money with her dad.

  • [4:09] Chelsea asks for advice about how to deal with her Mom who has a substance abuse issue.

  • [11:49] Kate from D.C. left a voicemail explains how she feels uncomfortable with the attention the wedding is bringing and how it overshadows her life’s accomplishments and wants advice on how to deal with that.

  • [21:17] Katie asks if there are any podcasts addressing how to handle a wedding when you and your partner have kids?

  • [24:53] Bridechilla Kelly wants to involve her stepdad in the ceremony and how to approach that with her dad.

  • [26:55] Kelly also wants to know how to tell her future-spouses family to keep their opinions to themselves.

  • [29:48] Kelly adds a P.S. about how to find great makeup and hair artists.

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