363-Developing a Healthier Relationship with food

by Aleisha

Guest Laura Jean is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian who is passionate about supporting women to develop a healthier relationship with food and enjoy every eating experience. Through Eat with Awareness, Laura helps women to ditch diets and be ‘less crazy’ around food. She empowers you to become the expert in your own food journey and stop things of food and good and bad and instead work on your relationship to food and your body. 

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Laura reached out to Aleisha after hearing the Body Image episode (episode 248). She has a lot to add to the conversation about our relationship to food, being happy with our bodies, and working through the negative issues that can affect our body image. Laura has been a dietitian for 15 years. She focuses not only on the what of eating, but more importantly the why. Listen to this interview to be encouraged and inspired to restore a positive relationship with food.

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The reason you should avoid diets

As soon as you get engaged, you are likely to be inundated with all kinds of ads that try to sell you everything you need, and a lot of things you don’t, for your wedding. Some ads are for diets and fads that are supposedly designed to help you lose weight and obtain the body you’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, these diets rarely deliver what they promise and more often bring up unresolved body issues. They can do more harm than good. Laura Jean has an alternative approach to looking and feeling fantastic not only for your wedding but for your entire life. Her method involves going beyond external factors and dealing with your whole self.

  • Knowing what to eat is like having a list of ingredients for a recipe and then having no method, no instructions. That’s the hows and whys of eating.
  • 3 Ways to Make Food Our Friend

    Food isn’t the enemy. It is essential for life. However, our prior experiences and relationships can negatively impact our relationship to food. Laura Jean wants to help restore the association people have to food. During this conversations, she shares three ways to make food our friend. Following these three steps does not guarantee a quick path to being thin. In fact, that’s not the end goal. While Laura’s method requires a lot of effort and self-assessment, the end result is a better body image, a healthier connection to the food you eat, and an overall happier life. It all starts with loving yourself and giving yourself the grace to change your life one step at a time.

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    Finding Joy in Movement

    Our bodies are made to move. Look at a young child and see how carefree they are with their bodies movement. They can run and dance around in a way that is natural and joyful without any concern for what others think. Getting back to this kind of joy in movement is one goal that Laura wants to help clients achieve. This means that exercise shouldn’t be a chore. If you are currently finding exercise to be more of a burden than a benefit, it might be time to rethink your approach. Listen to this episode for the tips and encouragement Laura offers for connecting with your body through movement.  

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    You are the expert in you. Nobody knows you better than you. So building that connection with yourself particularly around food and eating and your physical sensations is a really great place to start.

    Ditch the Labels

    Humans are prone to label things. This can be either good and bad. Ultimately, putting a label on something reduces it to the most simple and basic understanding. With food, we tend to label items as either good or bad. Laura says that putting these kinds of labels on food sets us up for failure. Anytime you label something bad, it immediately becomes more appealing. There is a reason it is called forbidden fruit. So when we label something that we enjoy as bad, we tend to crave that item all the more. Laura says to ditch the labels and just call items what they are. Doing this robs the item of it’s tempting power and helps to reestablish food as our friend. Hear more of Laura’s insight and encouragement on this episode of the Bridechilla podcast.

    Listen to episode 363 of Bridechilla

    Show Highlights

    • [0:24] Introduction of this episode and guest Laura Jean, founder of Eat With Awareness
    • [2:20] Sometimes the pressure of wedding planning can affect your self-esteem and can bring up issues that should be addressed
    • [4:10] Rethinking your relationship to food, shifting from thinking about what you eat to why you eat
    • [8:40] 3 elements of how Laura Jean establishes the relationship with a client to understand their needs so that she can help them.
    • [12:40] The importance of your self-dialogue and speaking to yourself in a healthy way.
    • [18:05] The poor messaging and bad diet fads that inundate women, especially after they get engaged.
    • [23:10] You can aspire to much more than just losing weight or being tiny.
    • [28:20] The good and bad food terminology and how it affects the way we relate to food.

    Meet This Episode’s Guest

    Laura Jean is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian who is passionate about helping people ditch the diets, learn to trust their bodies, and develop a healthier relationship with food. The first step to achieving a better relationship with food is knowing not just what you eat, buy why. Laura’s approach isn’t conventional, but it does work. She wants to help people eat what they love and love what they eat. Laura Jean is the founder of Eat with Awareness, a healthier approach to eating.

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