364- Ditch Wedstress Stress Q&A with Aleisha

by Aleisha

It’s time for you to ditch the stress in your wedding planning! One of the most popular shows are our Question and Answer episodes. So many Bridechillas are experiencing unique and difficult situations as they plan their wedding. Creating a community of support and encouragement is what Bridechilla is all about. In this episode, Aleisha discusses questions by recounting her own experiences and offering timely advice for Bridechillas and Groomchillas everywhere.

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A suggested episode for both partners

When planning a wedding, it is quite common for one of the partners to do the majority of the wedding planning. Often, the other partner might not be as thrilled about the planning part of getting married. They may struggle to understand the need for certain elements of the party or may express concern over the cost of the wedding. Bridechilla Stephanie suggested that Aleisha consider an upcoming podcast that would help both partners get on the same page. This potential episode could help bring understanding and unity for the couple. Listen as Aleisha considers this potential upcoming episode.

Sometimes you can look at yourself in the mirror and you hear yourself saying things and your like ‘Fuck I would never say that to someone that I loved or like or had nice positive things towards, why the fuck would I say that to myself?

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How to help a friend after a break up

Even after the decision to get married has been made, trouble can come into the relationship. Not all couples that get engaged are able to go through with the wedding. All breakups are difficult. But breaking off an engagement can be especially painful. How can you support and help a friend who has broken their engagement? What can you say or do to encourage them and help them heal? Sharing from firsthand experience, Aleisha offers several ways to be a good friend during this difficult time.

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Say yes to the right dress

Since you only hope to ever get married once, it is important that you are happy with everything about the wedding. It is important to keep things in perspective and focus on the things that matter most. One non-negotiable for most Bridechilla’s is the wedding dress. You want to look and feel amazing in your dress on your wedding day. However, McKayla is having second guesses about her wedding dress. She says felt pressured to buy a dress on which she has put a sizable, non refundable down payment. What can she do? Aleisha gives some great advice for how to ditch the stress and get the dress you really want during this episode.

  • If you’ve really got the vibes in your tum-tum that this is not right for you, then you should start proceedings to get rid of that dress and find a dress that suits you.
  • Get in a Bridechilla Community

    One of the best ways to find encouragement and support through the Bridechilla Community is to join one of the Facebook groups. There are groups not only for brides, but also for Maidchillas and a new one for Parentchillas. These groups offer a place to ask questions, share ideas, and offer support to people who are experiencing some of the same things you are. Be a fully participating Bridechilla by joining in the conversation in one of these groups and ditch the stress in your wedding planning.

    Listen to episode 364 of Bridechilla

    Show Highlights

    • [0:47] Aleisha introduces today’s show, which is a Q&A session with questions submitted by the Bridechilla community
    • [1:58] Aleisha shares an iTunes review and feedback about a recent episode from Kat
    • [6:49] Bridechilla Stephanie would like an episode for the partners that may not be as invested in the wedding planning process
    • [10:40] How to help a friend deal with a break up with their fiance. Aleisha talks about her experience and gives advice
    • [18:35] Go to the Bridechilla store for the Bridechilla Survival, Field and Maidchilla manuals
    • [20:08] McKayla from Cincinnati is having second guesses about her wedding dress and wants to know how to handle it.
    • [28:29] Check out all of the Bridechilla Facebook groups

    Memorable Quotes

    • “I think we are all trying to change our approach and be a lot more body positive and just people positive in general.”
    • “If you are living in a share house, don’t have sex with one of the other share house people because it’s trouble. They’re not going to get into a relationship with you.”

    With thanks to our Bridechilla Partners

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    Header image photo by Vitor Pinto

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