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by Aleisha

Groomchillas, it’s your time to shine! Grooms and groomsmen attire shouldn’t be an afterthought or something that is decided in a 30 minute whirlwind visit to a rental store, where they’re kitted up with a boxy suit that’s been worn by hundreds of other dudes (which also didn’t fit them either). It’s time to ditch the stereotype of men not taking an active interest in what they’re wearing to their own wedding because we know that’s just another wedding myth and boy do we love slaying stereotypes at Bridechilla!It is always an absolute pleasure to welcome new Bridechilla Directory members into our directory family. We are delighted to feature a Groomchilla-centric company, Generation Tux, who offer super stylish suits and tuxedos delivered straight to your door. With free home try-on and with thousands of color combinations and 21 suit and tux styles, you’re guaranteed to find what you need AND look freaking amazing.

Tell us about how you got started in the wedding business and what you love most about working in weddings!

Well, we started this company to make it easier on couples to order their suits or tuxedos AND situate their groomsmen. Guys are lazy. And stores are terrible. We take care of both!

How do you help your clients “keep their chill” during the wedding planning process?

We take care of everything. Free swatches, Free home try-on and a free suit or tux for the groom. Mix that with our service team that wrangles all the groomsmen and you get all the chill.

How do you ensure that you will get the ‘right fit’ with an online rental?

They say a guarantee is only as good as the person that stands behind it. George Zimmer, our founder and CEO, has been dressing grooms for 40 years.

He has had the honor of playing a role in millions of weddings and is now revolutionizing the entire wedding rental experience.

With a handful of measurements, custom technology, decades of suit rental knowledge and an award-winning customer experience team you are in excellent hands for your wedding

What’s the difference between Generation Tux and other suit rental businesses?

“Looking good has never been this easy”, means something to us. It means you will look and feel great in our suits and tuxedos. It means you can lose the measuring tape. It means you will be dressed in the finest fabrics in the rental industry. And most importantly, it means you can relax and enjoy your wedding. We understand this is a rental suit or tuxedo for one of the most important days of your life. That is why Generation Tux will ALWAYS innovate to ensure you are receiving the best possible quality and service.

Slate Blue Notch Lapel Suit

Do you really give Grooms a free rental?

Sure do! Whether it’s a groomsman, ring bearer, father of the bride or just an old friend; five paid rentals qualify for a free groom’s suit or tux rental. Celebrate your big day with a free rental, on us!

What do you feel makes you unique and different from other wedding pros?

Our quality and our service. Award winning and super awesome.

What is your favorite wedding related memory?

We got to dress an entire wedding party who was not allowed to use the venue they wanted because they were gay. We like to do good.

Black Notch Lapel Tuxedo

What is one thing you wish more couples knew about wedding planning as a whole or your specific role in the wedding?

Picking the suits or tuxes up the day before the wedding is dangerous! And you don’t have to! Use us. We will put the suit or tux on the doorstep of every person in the party 14 days before the wedding.

Share 3 fun facts about you and/or your business!

  1. We LOVE dogs. And we donate to the ASPCA to support our fur friends.
  2. We were founded by the former CEO of Men’s Wearhouse, who is super fun and knows EVERYTHING wrong with rental.
  3. And we never turn down a chance to make a bride smile.

Looking for suit inspiration?

Looking for suit inspiration, check out the Generation Tux Gallery, featuring hundreds of real life Groomchillas!

Cement Gray Notch Suit

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