366- Wedding Alcohol Q&A with Jacki Strum

by Aleisha

On this episode of the Bridechilla podcast, guest Jacki Strum, founder and CEO of Thirsty Nest, joins Aleisha to address all of your wedding alcohol Q&A. Jacki created a new kind of gift registry for engaged couples by creating the type of registry she wished she had when she was planning her wedding. Rather than giving yet another toaster or coffee maker that the couple probably already has, you can give the gift they really want - a fully stocked bar at home. During this episode, Aleisha and Jacki answer questions about how to provide quality booze at your wedding. 

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Creative ways to include cannabis at your wedding

Alcohol can help enhance the environment of any party. There are other alternatives that can be introduced as well. In addition to discussing alcoholic beverages, Jacki gives some advice to one Bridechilla listener interested in offering cannabis at their wedding. As more states continue to legalize cannabis, there is a greater opportunity to have this at your wedding. Jacki discusses creative ways to use items like baked goods or gummies as well as discreet vaporizers. Hear more of Jacki’s insight on cannabis during this podcast.

In general, I think it’s a welcome change and I think there are a lot of ways to do it without turning your wedding into a Snoop Dog video

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Have a smashing time without getting smashed

Having an open bar at your wedding can be a lot of fun. But what do you do if you have guests who can’t seem to control their drinking? How do you keep people from getting completely smashed and ruining your big day? The first step is to work with your bartenders before the day of the event to assure that they don’t over serve guests. Most professionals will be sensitive and considerate, but you want to deal with this ahead of time. Jacki gives other advice throughout this question and answer session to help you ensure that the alcohol enhances the party and doesn’t become a problem.

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I do think it is important to think through the signature cocktail because it is what most people will order!

How to create your own signature cocktail

One way to leave a lasting impression on the guests who come to your wedding is by creating a signature cocktail. It’s also a great way to celebrate with your partner for years to come. Each special occasion or anniversary you can mix up your signature cocktail and reminisce. How do you create this speciality drink? Jacki has some great advice for how to develop a unique mixer that looks and tastes great. She also gives ideas for how to create a signature cocktail even if you don’t have liquor at your wedding.

Wedding alcohol management 101

Including alcohol at your wedding is great fun, but it also requires a bit of management. What if some of your wedding guests don’t drink or are recovering alcoholics? How can you show those guests that you’ve also considered them? And how do you manage the amount of booze to provide for an event. All of these questions are important to consider before the day of the event. Talking with your vendor and making a solid plan will ensure that the wedding day goes smoothly and is an enjoyable time for everyone. Listen as Jacki gives great advice during this special wedding alcohol Q&A episode of the Bridechilla podcast.

Water, water everywhere. People always forget to drink water, especially at outside summer weddings and it causes a lot of problems

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Show Highlights

  • [0:42] Introduction of Jacki Strum from ThirstyNest, a wine and spirits wedding registry platform that helps brides and grooms fill their home bar for their wedding

  • [3:39] Aleisha put out a message on Facebook requesting alcohol related questions for Jacki to answer

  • [5:48] Are more weddings not only including alcohol but also cannabis for the party?

  • [9:11] Where are the best places to buy alcohol if you are bringing it yourself

  • [13:41] Is upgrading to a nicer booze really worth it? What booze should be upgraded?

  • [21:20] How do you manage an open bar in such a way that your entire party doesn’t get completely trashed

  • [23:15] Being at higher altitude, do you need to warn guests of the lower alcohol tolerance?

  • [25:18] What is a mixed drink we should all know how to make?

  • [28:15] What is the secret to a good dirty martini recipe?

  • [30:21] If you can’t use hard liquor, what is the best way to create a signature cocktail with beer, wine, or champaign?

  • [34:06] Is there a way to work with a venue for a group of non-drinkers? What if you have a lot of big drinkers?

Meet This Episode’s Guest

Jacki Strum is the founder and CEO of Thirstynest, a wine and spirits wedding registry that allows your friends and wedding guest to skip the toaster or coffee maker and give you a gift you really want - the gift of a fully stocked home bar. With over a decade of experience in the wine & spirits industry, Jacki created a new way to give to the couple you love by creating the kind of registry she wishes she’d had when she got engaged. 

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