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by Aleisha

Celina and Claire from The One Fab Day Wedding Podcast  and blog, join Aleisha to answer the Bridechilla Communities wedding planning questions. They talk about picking colors, finding mix and match bridesmaid dresses, when to negotiate for better prices, and how to deal with your racist/bigoted/outspoken about everything family members at your wedding. Listen to hear that and much more on this week’s Bridechilla podcast. 

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How to pick colors for your wedding

The colors you choose for your wedding are important because they will determine your wedding party’s outfits, flowers, and other decor options for your wedding and reception. So how do you determine your color pallette? Claire and Celina suggest starting with the kind of day you are having and the type of venue and let that guide your color choices. They also suggest considering how creative you might be and what kind of risk you are willing to take with unique or different colors. Hear more advice from Claire and Celina about choosing the perfect colors for your wedding during this podcast.

I wouldn’t say start with the color pallette, I’d say think about what kind of day your having and what kind of venue you have and work from there

Mix and match bridesmaids dresses

While it is still common for bridesmaids to all have the same style and color of dress, there is also the option of allowing the bridesmaids to have different dresses. Remember, your wedding is all about what you want and what makes you happy, so there is no tradition or rule that must be followed. Mixing and matching dresses can help create a custom look for your wedding. So how can you help your bridesmaids pick out dresses that will be complimentary in both style and color? Claire and Celina suggest Bridechillas give freedom with guidelines on styles, colors and lengths. They also encourage considering brands that have already curated mix and match dress collections. 

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Taking care of the children

There is nothing cuter in a wedding than having kids be a part. However, there is a risk that comes with involving children. They can be unpredictable, cranky and loud. Bridechilla Stacy wants to know the best ways to manage the many kids that will be at and in her wedding. Suggestions discussed include making sure the children are well rested, not to high on sugar, and having activities to keep them occupied when they don’t have specific tasks. Remember that kids also typically respond well to tasks, so keep them busy and help them stay out of trouble. If you are considering having kids play a role in your wedding, or if you know many of your wedding party guests will have kids, be sure to listen to this episode for some great tips on how to make that experience a pleasant one.

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Do you need a 'racist corner' at your wedding?

There are few events with more potential to mix diverse cultures and generations that a wedding. Many times brides and grooms will invite both an older generation of family members along with a younger generation of friends. This can cause some uncomfortable situations, especially if some of your guests are intolerant to different lifestyles. Claire and Celina talk about how the implemented a racist corner to help eliminate some of the negativity. In order to ensure that best possible wedding without unnecessary conflict, it is best to consider how to deal with these types of issues before the big day. Listen to this episode of the Bridechilla podcast to hear more about that and many other topics that will help you plan the wedding you have always wanted.

We do always say about wedding that it’s best to leave your gripes at the door.

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Listen to episode 369 of Bridechilla

Show Highlights

  • [0:17] Introduction of guests Claire and Celina, founders of OneFabDay.com and the One Fab Day podcast.

  • [2:22] Because her venue doesn’t have a staff, Bridechilla Shaleen wants to know who she should get to help clean up since there is another wedding the next day?

  • [5:18] How do you choose the colors you want for you wedding?

  • [8:21] Managing mismatched bridesmaids dresses

  • [12:56] Bridechilla Stacy will have a lot of kids at her wedding and wants to know how to give them activities to entertain them and how to get them to cooperate with their role in the wedding.

  • [22:09] Which wedding vendors and/or items are price-negotiable?

  • [25:51] How can you maintain your energy during the wedding if you are usually low-energy and in bed early?

  • [28:48] If you have an outdoor venue and the weather isn’t favorable, how do you notify your wedding guests that the wedding has moved indoors?

  • [31:19] How to deal with close-minded guests who might be negative about LGBTQ guests or other issues.

  • [37:16] Claire and Celina share what is coming up with the One Fab Day podcast.

Meet This Episode’s Guests

Clair and Celina are the Editors of the online magazine OneFabDay.com. They also recently started a Podcast dedicated to helping brides plan their wedding day, The One Fab Day Wedding Podcast, Based in Dublin and London, they cover every aspect of weddings, from ring shopping to table-planning etiquette. One Fab Day is one of the biggest wedding resources in the world, committed to giving honest advice and practical tips to brides every step of the way.

With thanks to our Bridechilla Partners

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