370- Ten steps to great wedding hair

by Aleisha

If you want to have amazing hair at your wedding (and of course you do!) then you are going to want to listen to this episode of the Bridechilla podcast, during which guest Jen Causey from somethingturquoise.com shares 10 steps to great wedding hair. You’ve envisioned walking down the aisle in front of all your guests to meet your partner and exchange vows. You’ve imagined having your pictures taken and dancing with your friends and family at the reception. In every scenario, you’ve dreamed of looking your best, with your dress fitting just right and your hair styled amazingly. As a former hairdresser who specialized in weddings, Jen has great tips and ideas for how to have fantastic hair that you and everyone will love.

Listen to episode 370 of the Bridechilla Podcast

Put your hair in good hands

The reality of having great wedding hair lies in the hands of someone else. While you may be great at fixing your own hair, your wedding is one time you want to let a professional do it for you. Do your research and hire a pro to fix your hair. Work with them at least six months in advance to develop a plan. You will even want to have a practice run. The best way to ensure your hair looks its best during the wedding is by finding a quality hairdresser and trusting them to do a great job for you.

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Not just fair weather hair

There are several variables to consider when you are planning the type of hairstyle you will have at your wedding. Pinterest has pictures of incredible updos and hairstyles that many brides aspire to have. However, failing to consider these factors can adversely affect your ability  to have the beautiful style you want. Jen encourages brides to consider how weather and climate could affect your hair and then pick a style that will fair well in those conditions. She even considers going to your venue or outdoor space where you are getting married at a similar time of day to see how your hair reacts so that you can plan accordingly.

I think that hairstyles need to suit each and every person to make them feel comfortable. It’s bad enough you want to put them in the same dress, why do you want to put them in the same hairdo?

How to wear two hairstyles at your wedding

There may be more than one hairstyle that looks amazing on you or that you want to have during your wedding. How do you choose between two different styles? Jen says that you don’t have to. You can have two different styles at your wedding. It may require your stylist staying for the entire event, or you may use the skills of a bridesmaid who is really great at doing hair. Choose a style for the wedding that can be relatively easily changed before you go to the reception. Listen as Jen gives more tips for how to have great wedding hair and incorporate two different styles on this episode of the Bridechilla podcast.

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Great wedding hair that looks like you

As with almost every aspect of planning a wedding, there are multiple decisions that go into planning your wedding hair. Do you want to wear a veil? If so what style and length? Will you do an updo or wear your hair down? How early do you start planning and what steps do you need to take to prepare your hair to be in the best shape possible for the wedding? Jen addresses all of these topics and more during this episode. The main takeaway is to pick a hairstyle that accurately reflects your personality and style. Don’t wear your hair in a way that is unnatural or uncommon for you. Listen to all 10 steps to great wedding hair on the Bridechilla podcast.

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If you know that you want a specific hairstyle, there is gonna be a color or a way that your stylist can color your hair to make that style look the best.

Show Highlights

  • [0:35] Introduction of Jen Causey, founder of Something Turquoise who joins the Bridechilla podcast to talk about the 10 steps to having great wedding hair.

  • [4:52] Jen shares stories of some of the best and worst moments of doing hair for weddings.

  • [6:32] What styles were a bad decision on behalf of the bride

  • [8:35] Beginning with step one, Jen breaks down how to be on your way to great wedding hair.

  • [9:58] Making a color plan with your stylist so that your desired hairstyle will look the best as possible.

  • [12:44] For people getting married outside, consider how the weather and climate will affect your hair and make a plan

  • [15:46] In order to have great hair for your wedding, do a trial run with your stylist, including all of the accessories.

  • [23:04] Tip number six is about the type and frequency of using conditioner in your hair prior to your wedding.

  • [26:42] For those who can’t decide between two hairstyles, Jen describes a way you can have two hairstyles for your wedding.

  • [28:54] How clean or dirty should your hair be on your wedding day so that you have the best looking hair possible?

  • [32:26] Should you wear a veil at your wedding or not? Or is there something else special you can wear in your hair?

  • [36:10] When choosing a hairstyle, do you go for something unique and different, or go with a style that you normally wear?

Listen to episode 370 of The Bridechilla Podcast

Meet Jen, This Episode’s Guest

Jen Causey has been working in the wedding industry for over 12 years as a mobile hairdresser and DIY wedding crafter. In 2011, she created Something Turquoise, a blog committed to inspiring brides to hand-make something for their wedding. Noticing DIY wedding projects other blogs were sharing and realizing that the tips and steps being provided were either too difficult for the average bride – or simply wouldn’t turn out the way it was photographed – led to Jen creating and sharing DIY tutorials. She creates tutorials with all the instruction a bride needs to make a beautiful, meaningful, handmade craft.

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