373- Wedding Planning Q&A Groom Edition

by Aleisha

Nathan Bellah of Generationtux.com joins the Bridechilla podcast for a special question and answer episode dedicated to the grooms. Founded by business trailblazer and retail icon George Zimmer, Generation Tux is the best suit and tuxedo rental experience available today, distinguished by unrivaled quality, style and variety, a digital-first, simple and convenient shopping and event management experience, and direct-to-your-door tailoring services with skilled tailors. During this episode Nathan answers the questions that will help Groomchillas look and feel their absolute best for their wedding. 

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Getting suited up

Timing is everything. When planning a wedding you don’t want to wait until the last minute to finalize details. So when in the planning schedule should the groom’s tux be secured? Nathan says that typically it is best to start the suit buying process four months before the big day so that swatches can be delivered and color matching is taken care of. Given that many guys don’t wear suits as much for work or other occasions, it is best to set the expectation that buying the right suit will take some time. However, putting in the extra effort will ensure that you are suited up and looking great on your wedding day.

A lot of people don’t understand that a well-made suit, 100% wool, is a lightweight suit. It is made to breathe.
Groom in a tuxedo

Photo by Jason Briscoe 

Getting the groomsman suited up

One of the difficult aspects of having a wedding is asking your friends to not only be a part of the wedding, but also spend their own money for their outfit. Most groomsmen will be responsible for buying their own suit. So how can the groom help his wedding party understand the investment value of the suit? First, it is important to know that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have a great looking suit. One way to ensure that the groomsmen look great and feel confident about their purchase is to allow them to have input. Listen as Nathan and Aleisha discuss other ways to help groomsmen feel comfortable buying and wearing their suit.

A lot of guys aren’t wearing suits as much for work. It can be a little daunting.
groom having his bowtie fixed

Photo by Javier Reyes

Planning is a shared responsibility

The wedding industry is notorious for gearing their advertising and messaging only to the bride. However, increasingly the responsibility of planning the wedding is a shared responsibility. Grooms are showing more interest and input in what they dream of for their wedding day. How can couples help dispel the myth that wedding planning is only for the brides? And how can vendors better serve their couples by considering the shared investment and responsibility. Hear all about that and more on this episode of the Bridechilla podcast.

Have someone either help you or at least give you some advice on what looks good. You just don’t want to sit there and go blind on any of that. And a lot of people just don’t ask for help.

Groomsmen wearing generationtux.com Cement Gray Notch Lapel Suit

The most important factor of establishing what the groom and groomsmen are gonna wear is based on color matching for the accessories for what the bride is dreaming about

Common questions about wedding planning with grooms

The Bridechilla Community had many questions regarding Groomchillas and wedding planning. When is the best time to get a haircut/beard trim prior to the wedding? How can you stay cool during the wedding when wearing a suit? What if the groom isn’t comfortable wearing a suit? Are their alternatives to formal attire? And what about gifts for the groomsmen? How do you buy a gift that is both inexpensive and meaningful? During this podcast, Nathan and Aleisha discuss these questions and offer practical advice for brides and grooms in the community. Listen now to hear their insight and answers on the Bridechilla podcast. 

groom flowers

Photo by Jacalyn Beales

Listen to episode 373 of The Bridechilla Podcast

Show Highlights

  • [0:20] Introduction of the Groomchilla question and answer episode and introduction of Nathan Bellah of Generationtux.com

  • [4:27] Olivia asks about the time frame for getting the grooms suit secured and for tips on how to get guys to relax when looking for a suit.

  • [9:37] How to get all of the groomsmens suits to match when they are having to foot the bill themselves.

  • [14:55] Amber wants to know how to fight the message that the wedding is all about the bride so that the groom has ownership over the planning.

  • [17:08] How to handle vendors who only address the bride in communication when both the bride and groom are working together in the planning.

  • [23:41] What is the timeline for the grooming schedule prior to the wedding. When should they get a haircut, beartrim, etc.?

  • [30:23] Because some grooms are comfortable in formal attire, are there any alternatives for the groom beyond a full suit?

  • [36:49] How do you pull off mismatched groomsmen outfits without making it look sloppy?  

  • [38:56] What do you buy for your groomsmen when they are all married and have received all the token knick-knacks in prior weddings?

  • [44:28] Where can you find good fitting suits for ladies?

About Generation Tux

Most formal wear takes days to rent, requires multiple store visits, and is plagued by ill-fitting products that cost much more than renters anticipate and are often received the day before the event. Generation Tux is geared to simplify every step: visualizing colors and style choices, managing large groups across the country, delivering outfits seven days prior to the event for early try-on and reducing the time and cost of getting into and out of a great fitting tuxedo or suit.

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