Awe-Inspiring Engagement Photo Ideas + Tips

by Aleisha

Engagement photos are a lovely way to announce the next step of your relationship to your family and friends. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with a photo shoot and have some fun!

There’s no limit to what you can do. Your engagement photos should symbolize the love you and your partner share for one another. Find creative ways to incorporate important memories of your relationship––this can be anything from the books you bonded over when you first met, to your first trip abroad.

You also have the freedom to get quirky and maybe a little cheesy. After all, your photos should be as unique as your personalities! Use humor to add funny messages or vintage-themed photo props to give a sneak peek of your rustic chic wedding theme.

Before you dive in, it’s important to keep a few things in mind…

 kissing engagement image

Photo by Joanna Nix

Choosing Your Photographer

This is the most important element of your engagement photo shoot. Do your research to make sure you find the right photographer that matches your style. View their portfolio and double-check their reviews to confirm he or she is a good fit. Remember that it’s perfectly okay to say “no”. Your engagement photos should reflect your style as a couple and you shouldn’t settle for less.

Photographer looking at camera

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 

Your engagement photos should symbolize the love you and your partner share for one another.

Backdrop Colors And Texture

Background colors will play a significant role in the mood, tone, and style of your shoot. The background you select will also help determine your outfits. When selecting a color palette, a good rule of thumb is to visualize the season your wedding will take place. This is a simple way to hone in on the right colors and help you collect cohesive photos at every stage of your wedding!

Couple posing in front of a colorful wall

Photo by Caique Silva

Photo Location- Inside? Outside?

Will your photo shoot be underneath the palm trees of a gorgeous beachfront? Or, do you prefer the green, foggy look of the woodlands? Both beautiful and popular ideas. Some couples also find that staying local makes for a hassle-free experience. Keep the weather, elements and travel time in mind when selecting your location.

laughing friends

Photo by Katie Treadway 

Consider Your Attire

What you wear plays a major role in conveying the style and tone of the shoot. Take the time to explore with different color combinations and fits. Casual or formal, it’s up to you. Also, be sure to communicate with your expert photographer as they can give you ideas of what looks best on camera.

couple posing outdoors

Photo by Matheus Ferrero

Props + Poses

This is where the fun takes place. Come up with a different number of poses to get a variety of photos at the end of your shoot. Incorporate romantic poses, standing, sitting, and using various props. Don’t forget about the classic engagement ring selfie! If you’ve picked a good photographer, they’ll also be able to direct you to your dream style if you’re not sure how to pose.

If you’re looking for some props to use at your shoot, we recommend these super cute engagement photo props from Shutterfly. They have everything from comic book bubbles to rustic chic designs to fun props your pets can hold.

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