371- Blending faith, culture, and traditions in your wedding with Karen Cinnamon

by Aleisha

On this episode of the Bridechilla podcast, Karen Cinnamon, founder of SmashingtheGlass.com joins the show to talk about blending faith, culture, and traditions in your wedding. There are many wedding traditions that have their root in religious or cultural customs. They can be deeply meaningful for a couple and their families. However, when you have a couple of differing heritage or you don’t like a particular tradition, planning a wedding can get tricky. How can you honor past traditions while still keeping your unique, individual style? During this podcast, Karen and Aleisha discuss ways to blend both the past and the present so that you can have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. 

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Ask the right question about traditions

Traditions began because they meant something. Whether it is a religious or cultural custom, they all started with a particular purpose. Overtime, those traditions may or may not hold the value they once did. How do you decide whether or not to include a tradition in your wedding ceremony? How can you handle the expectations of parents or the older generation when planning a wedding with different traditions? Karen suggests that you first must start with answering the question of why. Why do certain traditions exist and why would they be included in your wedding? She also gives advice for how to respect and honor parents or family members while staying true to your wants and desires.

Embrace the fact that there is something different about your wedding or language and translate the elements that are absolutely pivotal for you guests to understand

Consider your wedding guests

Because Karen is Jewish, she understands the importance of certain traditions being included in the wedding ceremony and reception. She also knows that certain traditions may not be familiar to everyone who attends the wedding. If a couple has two different cultures they are including in the ceremony, then it is likely many guests may not be familiar with certain traditions. How can you make your guest feel included? Karen explains the importance of considering the people that are attending your wedding and making sure they understand the significance of why they are included.

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People want to include both faiths and backgrounds and blend them seamlessly together to create one beautiful ceremony and reception. You know it should seep into every element of the wedding

Make an old tradition new again

Including age old traditions in your wedding doesn’t mean you have to step back in time to have your wedding. You can still incorporate customs while making them fresh and unique to your personality and style. Karen encourages being creative with the inclusion of certain observances in your wedding or reception. Her website, SmashingtheGlass.com is dedicated to providing ideas for how to include traditions in an original way.

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Try to include everything that you believe in as a couple and leave out anything that you don’t understand or agree with.

Embrace blending faith, culture, and traditions in your wedding

Trying to include different traditions in your wedding while also expressing your individuality can be difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be. The key is to remember that your wedding is all about what you and your partner want. Avoid the trap of allowing family, friends, or others expectations to influence your decision making. Instead, decide as a couple what is most important and tet that guide your planning. Karen urges couples to embrace the opportunity for blending faith, culture, and traditions in your wedding. Listen to this episode for more advice on how to do that and much more.

State something as a fact rather than ask for an opinion and that way you tend to be met with respect.

Listen to episode 371 of the Bridechilla Podcast

Show Highlights

  • [0:44] Aleisha introduces Karen Cinnamon, found of SmashingtheGlass.com, a platform dedicated to helping couples incorporate their Jewish faith into their wedding. 

  • [3:18] Karen explains why and how she started Smashing the Glass for both other Jewish couples and those with interfaith relationships.

  • [5:45] How do you deal with your parents or generation when attempting to include different traditions into the wedding.

  • [8:27] When thinking about including traditions, it is important to pause, think, and ask “why”. Include only that which is important as a couple.

  • [10:30] How having multiple ceremonies can allow you to celebrate all of the traditions that are meaningful to you.

  • [19:58] When you have a bilingual couple, how do you incorporate different languages without it being restrictive.

  • [22:38] Karen shares how she blended her creativity with the tradition of her Jewish faith in her own wedding.

  • [28:08] How the Smashing the Glass community helps brides plan their weddings and how she keeps it supportive and encouraging.

  • [33:50] The overwhelm and emotion of decision making and how the new landscape of culture makes wedding planning stressful.

  • [38:54] Embracing the fusion of cultures and heritages in an interfaith wedding.

Meet Karen Cinnamon

Karen Cinnamon is the founder and editor of the world’s foremost Jewish wedding planning blog, SmashingtheGlass.com. After planning her own wedding in 2013 and discovering that there wasn’t one space dedicated to creative and original ideas for planning a Jewish wedding, Karen decided to fill the void by starting her own platform. Her job is now to help soon to be brides and grooms incorporate their Jewish faith into their wedding ceremony and beyond. 

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