How to Create a wedding newspaper

by Aleisha
What connects Bridechilla couples is that they want to create a celebration that truly reflects them as individuals and as a couple. There are so many ways to inject your 'duo personality' into your planning an event and one of my personal 'new faves' are wedding newspapers created by our Bridechilla Partners Newspaper Club.
You might say, 'Isn't print dead Aleisha?'. No way! Even if you are going super hightech from the future with all other aspects of your planning, introducing a wedding newspaper by the way of an invitation, program or thank you mailout is a wonderfully novel inclusion. Want to create your own? Read on!
“Guests absolutely loved the newspaper invitation and brought it with them to the wedding because of all the destination guidance. Many actually kept them long after the wedding as a keepsake, which was particularly touching!” – Julie and Bryan, New YorkCity

A newspaper is a super versatile alternative to traditional wedding stationery. You can keep things clean and classic or have some fun with the design, think illustrations, maps, and custom crossword puzzles!
They're a practical way to share details about the day or tell the story behind how you met.
With Newspaper Club, you can turn whatever you want into newsprint super quickly and without any design skills. It's easy to use service that offers a flexible pricing structure based on the number of pages and how many copies you need.

“It was great to re-live our day and share photos in a unique way with all of our guests.One of them said it was the best thing they had received in the mail for years!”  Adam Morris, London

A wedding newspaper invitation

Make headlines with an invite your guests will want to keep. It can be tricky squeezing in all the details that go into a busy wedding weekend. For couples who want more space to share their story or extra details about the venue and ceremony, newspapers are a fun and unique alternative.

"My wedding was three months ago and I still get comments from guests about how much they loved the newspaper. The best part was working with my now-husband on it.It was a fun project for us to collaborate on and we both put a lot of creative effort into it. It was definitely one of my favorite parts of wedding planning and it will be one of our most cherished keepsakes for years to come." – Elisa Rodríguez-Vila, Miama FL

A wedding newspaper order of service

A wedding newspaper is a great way to share all of your need-to-know details and set the tone for your ceremony. Whether you are having a cross cultural event, want to add singalong song lyrics or just share your favorite memories of your relationship for guests to bone up on while they are waiting for the service to begin and they can be used as a fan!

A wedding newspaper 'Thank You' edition

A wedding newspaper is a fabulous way to surprise your guests with the best photos from your day, in print. Gift your guests a beautiful memento from your celebration, add captions and memories to your 'special edition' paper. 

Free, easy to use layout and design tools

No design experience or software needed. The simplest way to create a newspaper is with ARTHR, Newspaper Club's free online layout tool. Add text and upload your images. Pick your fonts and colours, and move it all around to tell your story or design using your own software
If you're already a dab hand with desktop publishing software then you can upload your design as a PDF. They've got templates for Adobe InDesign and Scribus.

How to get printing today!

  • Newspaper Club has helped hundreds of couples from around the world print something special for their wedding day.
    • Order 1 copy or 1000s  – flexible quantities for large or small gatherings
    • Worldwide delivery in 2 - 4 days
    • Fast, friendly customer support
    Tune it to this episode to get the 20% discount code (up to $100 discount).
    This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Newspaper Club.

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