378- Downsizing Your Wedding and Stress

by Aleisha

Josh and Britt Withers are dedicated to helping you downsize your wedding and your stress. The creators of The Elopement Collective join the Bridechilla podcast to share ideas for how couples can have a beautiful, meaningful wedding without breaking the bank or having a huge party. Not everyone likes or wants a big party on their wedding day. For some, the thought of spending so much money on one day is unnecessary. For others, the idea of trying to plan and organize a huge gathering of friends and family is overwhelming. For couples who aren’t interested in the traditional wedding ceremony, there are great alternatives. Josh and Britt talk about how they are helping couples create a small but memorable wedding in a way that suits their personalities and desires. 

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There’s a lot of expectation that goes into a day like that. I think if I spend $40 or $50 on dinner my expectations are never met

Lower your expectations

Whenever you spend a lot of money on a single item, the chances are good that you will have high expectations. You expect a fancy meal to taste amazing and come with great service. You expect an expensive car to have all the bells and whistles with an incomparably smooth ride. And when you start to spend loads of money of the various aspects of a wedding, you expect everything to be perfect. It’s a fool’s errand. Josh and Britt talk about how expectations for a wedding can cause unnecessary anxiety and fear for couples, and talk about alternatives that can reduce the stress and provide a wonderful wedding experience.

It’s about marriage, not about weddings.

Who is this wedding for anyway?

Many couples make wedding decisions based on who will be attending the wedding. They might receive advice from friends or family about what they want. Or they might feel the obligation to put on a great event for the attendees. However, a wedding isn’t for the family, friends, or the guests. It’s for the couple. Every bride and groom should feel the freedom to plan the kind of wedding they want without being concerned with what others think. During this episode, hear ways to handle other people’s expectations and determine with your partner what is most important to you and then let that be the deciding factor for the kind of wedding you will have.

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Finding the right vendor for your wedding

Being professionals in the wedding industry, Josh and Britt have great insight to wedding vendors and how to work with them. Josh encourages couples to remember that wedding vendors aren’t trying to rip you off. They want to create something amazing so that you will have an unforgettable celebration of your marriage. You can’t have high quality vendors and only be concerned with price. The schisters, according to Josh, are the ones who only focus on price and don’t talk about providing creative or unique services. Hear more advice from Josh and Britt about selecting and working with vendors on this episode.

The celebration of a marriage shouldn’t ever be for someone that isn’t you

How to downsize your wedding and your stress

If you decide to have a smaller, more intimate wedding, you also increase the opportunity for a more individualized ceremony. You can spend more money on the destination. And you can focus on only the things that are important to you and your partner. The Elopement Collective creates beautiful, high quality weddings by partnering with the best vendors and providing individualized service. Listen as they share from their vast experience of wedding planning to learn how you can downsize your wedding and your stress, on this episode of the Bridechilla podcast.

I just think you need to throw out everyone’s expectations and, like I’ve said to lots of couples, invite them in only if they resonate with you

Listen to episode 378 of The Bridechilla Podcast

Show Highlights

  • [0:25] Josh and Britt Withers, creators of The Elopement Collective, join the Bridechilla podcast to discuss marrying people and creating a wedding for couples who don’t want to plan a huge wedding.   

  • [3:27] Britt talks about the origins of their company and what they do for people.

  • [6:14] Why spending so much money on a wedding and having such high expectations can set couples up for disappointment in their wedding.

  • [9:42] How can couples be empowered to make the choice to have the kind of wedding that they want rather than doing what tradition or family says you should do.

  • [13:34] Couples can decide what and who they value and spend and invite based on that agreement.

  • [21:51] Josh explains why wedding vendors aren’t the problem even though they get a bad reputation.

  • [26:43] How to be aware of the vendors who are trying to take advantage of you

  • [29:29] The different places that The Elopement Collective can provide their services for your wedding and future plans.

  • [35:40] How to get in touch with Josh to be the officiant of your wedding

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