379- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

by Aleisha

In this Bridechilla Q&A episode Aleisha answers wedding (and life) questions from the Bridechilla community including- managing social anxiety when it comes to wedding events and meeting new people, the unpredictable nature of mental illness- finding a balance between being supportive and doing what is right for you and planning extra wedding events , when you don't want them but your family is insisting on throwing you a bunch of extra parties! All that and more on the Bridechilla Podcast!

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Social Anxiety and Weddings

The overwhelm of wedding planning and the events leading up to wedding celebrations, can be challenging for anyone or people but for people who suffer from social anxiety, everyday social interactions can cause anxiety and the stress of these situations can feel like they are too much to handle. In this episode Aleisha answers a question from a Bridechilla listener who was surprised by feeling overwhelmed and feeling in desperate need of personal space after spending a weekend away with her future in-laws and is worried that she will feel the same anxiousness at her wedding events. Tune in for Aleisha's advice on how to cope and hear her story of being an introverted extrovert and how she copes. 
Aleisha mentions a previous episode of the Bridechilla Podcast about mindfulness, which will be helpful for anyone having similar feelings. You can listen here

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What does a Wedding MC do?

A chilla asks, what is the role of a wedding MC?'.
Wedding receptions often have a Master of Ceremonies (MC) to keep the day running smoothly. The master of ceremonies introduces speakers, makes announcements, and engages with the audience to keep the ceremony agenda flowing as smoothly as possible.
Who takes on the role of an MC depends on where you live. In Australia, where Bridechilla founder Aleisha is from, traditionally you ask a family member or friend to take on the role of the MC. In the USA, it is often the wedding DJ who keeps things moving. In the UK, you can hire professional MCs. Whoever you choose, you want to ensure that they are confident and can keep the show on the road. 
The role of MC is simple. It requires you to make a few announcements loudly and clearly as the day progresses.For more tips about being prepared for the role of MC and also how to ready yourself to make a speech, don't miss this episode of the Bridechilla Podcast.  

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To Bridal Shower, or to not Bridal Shower?

Bridechilla focuses a lot on helping couples decide what traditions are meaningful to them and then encourages the remainder to be thrown in the fuck it bucket. As Aleisha acknowledges this episode, there are sometimes moments in wedding planning where you may come to a compromise with family members to keep the peace or at the very least find a way to keep some traditions that are important to parents but do them in a way that suits you.
Bridal shower for many Chillas can sometimes be seen as a rather patriarchal event. Historically it was  a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding, where guests would bring gifts for the home (often 'kitchen' themed). In this episode, Aleisha answers a question from a Bridechilla, asking about how to change up that tradition, avoid getting a bunch of stuff that may not be used and instead register for gifts and experiences that you as a couple would enjoy.
One of Aleisha's suggestions is an alcohol registry care of our partners Thirsty Nest.  


Listen to episode 379 of Bridechilla

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