380- Getting serious about your financial future

by Aleisha

Have you started planning for the future? Chances are if you are planning a wedding then your answer is “yes”. You are planning for a future event that will be a wonderful celebration of your love. However, what about after you are married? Have you thought about planning what will happen to your assets should you pass away? What will happen afterwards? Will our loved ones be left with a puzzle of paperwork to try and piece together? Or will they be sufficiently taken care of. Dave Hanley, Founder and CEO of Tomorrow, an app developed specifically to help people with their plans, joins the Bridechilla podcast to discuss planning for the future. 

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How to talk about death 

It’s not always pleasant to think about death. However, the reality is we will all die one day. It is better to think about and plan for the future beyond our lives now than it is to leave our children, spouses, or loved ones with the difficult task of sorting through our lives. Planning for the future is really an act of love and kindness. Especially if you are planning a wedding, considering how your spouse would be taken care of in a tragic event or your untimely death can make a huge difference for them. In this episode, you’ll be encouraged not to let a mortality crisis keep you from making a plan that will help those you leave behind even as they grieve your loss. 

There are a lot of reasons as you delay marriage, as there are family businesses involved, as you have private stock in companies and stock options, debt, assets, that actually having a prenup makes a lot of sense

Working together to plan for the future

How can you work with your partner as you make a plan for the future? Perhaps it is painful to talk about dying with your spouse. Or maybe they are uninterested or uncooperative in being a part of the planning process. What can you do to get on the same page and work together as a team? During this episode, Dave Hanley shares some tips for how you can approach the often sensitive conversation of death and do so in a way that will be unifying rather than divisive. He also talks about how the app he developed, called Tomorrow, works to help in the process. 

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Secrets secrets are no fun

Everyone brings their own histories into a marriage. Perhaps they have emotional or relational baggage. Or maybe they have had financial issues in the past. Often couples find themselves early in marriage with loads of school loans or other debt that can put a strain on the relationship. How can you deal with those issues both in the present and as you look to create a solid future for each other and for the loved ones around you? Dave stresses the importance of being upfront and honest with each other. Start with your own imperfections and work on those first. Then you can work together on issues that involve each other. Most importantly, don’t delay honesty in a marriage.

Never delay honesty. Because it can really build up and cause you a lot more trouble down the track

Failing to plan is planning to fail

When you have people in your life that care about you, it is a disservice not to make a plan to care for them even after you die. Additionally, you want to make sure that the assets you’ve worked hard to accrue will go to the people you choose. The only way to have a voice after you are gone is to make a detailed plan. During this episode of the Bridechilla podcast, Dave Harley gives encouragement for ways to plan for the future and talks about how the app his team developed called tomorrow can help. 

Show Highlights

  • [0:31] Aleisha introduces this episode about sensible future and estate planning with guest Dave Hanley, founder and CEO of Tomorrow. 
  • [4:06] Aleisha shares a story about a friend who was unexpectedly thrust into the position of being the executor of a will and all of the difficulties that comes with that. 
  • [8:11] How Tomorrow can help you be organized and generate important discussions with your family about the future of your estate. 
  • [9:50] Dave talks about how he helps people navigate the planning process in a unified way.
  • [11:39] How couples should approach the conversation about debt 
  • [20:54] Prenuptial agreements are increasing among couples. Dave shares his thoughts about reasons to have a prenup and how the can be helpful.
  • [25:58] Prenups often carry a negative connotation but they can actually help protect assets and clarify responsibility in the event of something unfortunate. 
  • [28:03] Aleisha shares how you can find more information about Tomorrow and Dave’s work. 

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Meet This Episode’s Guest

Dave Hanley is the Founder and CEO of Tomorrow, an app that allows people to create a will and make decisions about the future together. Dave’s journey to starting tomorrow began when he had to handle the details of his parents death. He discovered that even an organized plan for the future can have difficulties and missed details. The Tomorrow team is dedicated to helping every family in America transform their lives and futures.

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