383-Planning a Wedding Like an Entrepreneur with Danielle Tate

by Aleisha

On this episode of the Bridechilla podcast, guest Danielle Tate, founder of MissNowMrs.com and author of “Elegant Entrepreneur” joins the show to talk about planning a wedding like an entrepreneur. The are so many practices and principles of starting and running a business that can be applied to the wedding planning process. In order to run a successful company, you have to manage people, stay within a budget, and consider the logistics of daily operations and special events. These same factors apply to a wedding. During this conversation, Danielle discusses the lessons she learned while starting and growing her business and how they can be applied to planning a wedding and beginning a successful marriage. 

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Your team is incredibly important if you want a good end product in a business, and the same goes for weddings as well.

How to assemble your wedding planning team 

A good business owner and manager knows how to delegate. There are too many demands for one person to handle. Assembling the right team of people and then giving them clearly defined roles leads to synergy and success. The same is true when planning a wedding. There are too many details to be handled by one person. Whether it be a tried and true vendor or a trustworthy friend or family member, finding the right team members to help you plan and execute the tasks for the wedding is critical. Danielle discusses how to give ownership of the wedding plans and projects to the people around. The key is not to be afraid to ask. People are often more ready and willing to help than you might think. 

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Finding opportunity in the midst of obstacles

With an event as large and elaborate as weddings can often be, there are bound to be things that will go wrong. A vendor might mess up an order or the venue might double book. In life, business, and in wedding planning, problems happen. While you can’t control what might or might not go wrong, you can control how you deal with those problems. Danielle suggests that you begin looking at obstacles as opportunities. While not always easy, staying positive and proactive in the midst of an unexpected issue can turn what was a problem into an opportunity for an unforgettable moment. 

Don’t fall in love with your wedding concept before holding that idea accountable.

Planning a sustainable marriage

So much focus and attention goes into planning a wedding day. However, how much preparation are you doing with your partner for what comes after the wedding. The wedding lasts for a day, but a marriage lasts much longer. Working together to plan the wedding can help you and your spouse-to-be develop teamwork and partnership that you can carry into the marriage. Invest in time and habits that will help your marriage be sustainable. Danielle talks about ways to think about the sustainability before the marriage starts during this podcast. 

Nurture the relationship and plan the relationship almost as much as you plan the wedding

It’s Your Wedding

There are countless business books that claim to have the secrets for how entrepreneurs can be successful. However, every business owner and company are different. There isn’t one right way. The same is true in wedding planning. As you plan your wedding, you’ll be talking with a lot of different people. Vendors, friends, family members, and even co-workers will give their input and advice about your wedding. While it’s fine to listen and take advice from others, it is more important to stay true to what you want. Danielle says, “Plan the wedding you want, not the wedding everyone else wants for you.“ Hear more of her advice as well as stories of her experience working to help brides with changing their name on this episode of the bridechilla podcast. 

In weddings, something always goes wrong and how you choose to handle it is going to dictate how your day goes.


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Show Highlights

  • [0:31] Danielle Tate, founder of MissNowMrs.com, joins the show to talk about how she turned her frustration with changing her name into a business

  • [6:15] As an accidental entrepreneur, Danielle learned a lot that she has included in her book Elegant Entrepreneur.  

  • [8:34] How to realistically plan your wedding, avoiding the trap of falling in love with an idea you can’t afford

  • [10:10] When planning a wedding, you need to build a team of people that can help you. How do you recruit the right team?  

  • [19:04] Danielle discusses how failures can be an opportunity in disguise. 

  • [21:34] Using the wedding and the days afterward to set your marriage up to sustain for a long time. 

  • [25:50] Aleisha and Danielle discuss how to plan the wedding you want, not the wedding everyone else wants for you.

  • [30:17] Danielle shares some of the funny stories that she’s come across while running MissNowMrs.

Meet This Episode’s Guest

Danielle Tate is the founder of MissNowMrs and Author of the book “Elegant Entrepreneur.” After experiencing firsthand the laborious and difficult process of changing her name after getting married, Danielle decided that there had to be a better way. She created a website that makes the name changing process a breeze. She wrote “Elegant Entrepreneur” to help women start and scale their businesses. On this episode she lends her combines her knowledge of wedding planning and entrepreneurship to give some great advice on planning the wedding you’ve always wanted.

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