382- Wedding Rentals and Outdoor Planning with Heather Rouffe

by Aleisha

On this episode of the Bridechilla podcast, guest Heather Rouffe, a professional wedding and event planner from Atlas Event Rentals, talks about wedding rentals and outdoor planning. If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, it is likely that this is your first time organizing such an elaborate and potentially expensive event. There are a lot of logistics to think through. If you are planning on doing an outdoor wedding, the amount of logistics can significantly increase. During this conversation, Heather explains how to think through the details of your wedding and how renting can help you accomplish your wedding dreams.  

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Indoor v. Outdoor Wedding

When the weather is great and the scenery is beautiful, there is little more charming and lovely than an outdoor wedding. However, choosing the outdoors presents additional challenges and variables that will require a little more planning. Outdoor venues give a blank canvas to create the type of environment you want, but you also have to provide everything needed to accommodate your guests. And what do you do if the weather is uncooperative? Heather gives advice for how to think through all of the elements of planning an outdoor wedding during this episode. 

Having the right team of vendors is so, so important to any outdoor venue and leads to a successful wedding

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When to rent and when to buy

Once you’ve determined the venue for your wedding, you then have to start considering the event itself. From tables and chairs, to trashcans and waiter trays, there are so many items needed to create a smooth and memorable wedding. With all of the necessary items, what should be purchased and what items can be rented? Heather suggests working with your wedding planner or local rental company to discuss your venue and event from beginning to end. Considering the guest experience will help discover and secure every item you’ll need for your special day. 

Who would have ever thought that you need a waiter tray to bus all the dirty dishes and to remove your salad course?

Traditions vs Trends

During this conversation, Aleisha asks Heather her opinion on wedding trends in general. Are they a good thing that can create a new and unique experience or are they a risk that could later be regretted? Heather talks about the pros and cons of trends and how they might be incorporated in a wedding. Ultimately, blending trends with meaningful traditions can help create a special event that won’t be cringe worthy years later. 

Making sure your wedding guests know the environment they are going to be in is super important.

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After the damage is done 

A common concern about renting items for a wedding is damage. What happens if the party gets a bit too lively or a waiter trips and glassware gets broken? Is the couple responsible for damages? How can you avoid having a substantial bill after the party is over. Heather recommends talking with your rental company about insurance and damage waivers. If there is a damage waiver available, it could save money on broken items. It will also give you the peace of mind to enjoy the party, even if you hear the sound of glass breaking. Hear all about that and more wedding rentals and outdoor planning tips on this episode of the Bridechilla podcast.

Backyard weddings sometimes cost more than going to a venue. You have to provide everything.

Listen to episode 382 of Bridechilla Podcast

Show Highlights

  • [0:24] Aleisha introduces the episode and the guest of the show, Heather Rouffe, a wedding and event planning expert.

  • [2:54] How Heather got involved in the wedding industry. 

  • [4:13] What items should you buy for your wedding and what should be rented. 

  • [7:07] If you are having a backyard wedding, what logistics should you be thinking through before you book your venue? 

  • [10:24] How a backyard wedding might be more difficult and expensive than a wedding being held in a traditional venue. 

  • [11:57] Heather and Aleisha discuss preparing for bad weather and preparing your guests for an outdoor wedding.

  • [20:35] What items should you rent for your wedding and where do you begin? 

  • [23:10] Heather lists several of the less glamorous items that have to be considered when planning a wedding and rentals. 

  • [25:46] Trends come and go. What does Heather, a professional wedding and event planner, think about wedding trends in general?

  • [30:09] What happens if a rented item breaks? Is there insurance or damage protection?

Meet this episode’s guest

With over 15 years of experience in the wedding and event planning industry, Heather Rouffee is an expert of the logistics of planning a wedding. Heather has worked at Atlas Event Rentals in Byonton, FL since 2004, where she helps her clients accomplish the vision for their events and weddings. On this episode she shares tips from her wealth of knowledge and experience about wedding rentals and outdoor planning. 

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