385- Wedding Photography Q&A with Cavin Elizabeth

by Aleisha

Weeks, months or even years down the road, you will likely want to look back and remember the great memories made during your wedding. You’ll want to relive that special day and see the people and places that made your wedding so great. Which is why it is so important to have great pictures taken at your wedding. On this episode of the Bridechilla podcast, Cavin Elizabeth, international wedding photographer and author of the book A Bride’s Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding, joins the show for wedding photography Q&A. During this conversation, Cavin gives advice about how to plan for hair and makeup, the best time of day to have your wedding, and how to have the best possible experience with your wedding photographer.

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The first look and the best look

There are several options for when to take pictures at your wedding. The more traditional approach is to take pictures after the wedding so the couple doesn’t see each other beforehand. Increasingly more common is what is called the first look, where the couple has a private time before the ceremony to see each other and have some pictures taken. Whichever way you decide to do it, it is important that you have a plan in place for getting pictures taken in a way that doesn’t interfere with your ability to interact with your guests and enjoy the event. Cavin and Aleisha discuss some best practices for planning your photography during this wedding photography Q&A episode.

Always trust your photographer. If they are giving you advice on something in their experience, they are trying to keep your best interest at heart, even if it might not be what you want to hear

Dos and don’ts for working with a wedding photographer

Taking pictures can often be uncomfortable for people. Especially at a wedding, taking a lot of pictures may not always feel natural. How can you have the best possible experience with your photographer so that everyone feels comfortable and your pictures turn out beautiful. Cavin shares some advice for how to cultivate a great relationship with your photographer even before the wedding day. She also talks about some dos and don’ts that can help your wedding pictures turn out amazing. 

How to get picture perfect hair and makeup

For brides, one of the biggest parts of the lead up to the wedding ceremony is hair and makeup. Hours before the event you have to have your hair professionally styled and your makeup applied by an expert. When it comes to pictures, what is the best practice for looking your best? Cavin explains that while the camera can do beautiful things, it can also do funny things, like diminish the look or amount of makeup you are wearing. She talks about the best approach to hair and makeup and how to find the right vendor that fits your style. 

The bride and groom did not see each other before the ceremony because it was always an arranged marriage and they didn’t want to groom fleeing the scene at the sight of the bride.

Great lighting for great wedding pictures

Great photos depend on great lighting. How can you achieve great lighting when you are in a dimly lit venue or when you are outside? A good photographer will handle the lighting scenarios and will position the people in the picture appropriately to capture the best images. Cavin talks about the importance of picking the right time of day for an outdoor wedding, and even reveals the absolute best time to plan your wedding so you will have gorgeous photos. Hear all about that and much more on this wedding photography Q&A episode of the Bridechilla podcast. 

Show Highlights

  • [0:29] Aleisha introduces this week’s guest, Cavin Elizabeth, international wedding film and photographer and author of A Bride’s Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding

  • [3:25] Cavin and Aleisha talk about Cavin’s unique wedding dress

  • [6:28] Bridechilla Justine and her partner aren’t doing a “first-look”. How can they get all their photos done during cocktail hour without running into the reception.

  • [10:25] Cavin gives suggestions for how to speed up the post-wedding photography by getting other shots separately or at other times  

  • [13:26] Why are groomchillas typically against the first look? 

  • [15:37] Nicole wants to know some dos and don’ts about how to get the best possible wedding day photos

  • [26:06] Cavin talks about the importance of hair and makeup to have the best possible photos

  • [29:25] Aleisha shares her makeup experience working in the television industry

  • [32:22] There are different types of makeup artists – find one that fits your style 

  • [36:21] Think about your timeline and when do have hair and makeup done when considering prep time for pictures

  • [37:11] Cavin discuss the importance of lighting and how the photographer will handle that 

  • [42:32} How you can book Cavin to take your photographs

The harsh reality of stuff in weddings often is that everything is a give-and-take.

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Meet This Episode’s Guest

Cavin Elizabeth is an international wedding film and digital photographer based in San Diego. She operates a boutique studio with a focus on personal connection that makes couples more at ease while being photographed for their special day. This gives Cavin’s picture a natural, authentic and romantic look. She also wrote a book entitled A Bride’s Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding that teaches brides how to get the most out of their wedding photography and have magazine worthy images.

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All images by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

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