386- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

by Aleisha

The Bridechilla podcast is all about helping people plan their wedding without the stress. We are a community dedicated to helping each other plan the weddings we want without losing our shit. One of the ways we support each other is through question and answer podcast episodes. Bridechillas submit questions and Aleisha answers with the hopes of helping others gain insight and answers to their own similar questions. On this Wedding Planning Q&A episode, Aleisha answers questions about having a special hens party, how to deal with money from relatives or other donors, and when it’s ok to take off your engagement ring.

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The wedding isn’t the only celebration

Not all weddings are large and elaborate events. Some couples choose to have a small, intimate party with only their close friends and relatives. How can you still celebrate with your larger circle of friends without taking on the extra expense and planning stress of a bigger wedding? Is it ok to invite them to a party celebrating your marriage without inviting them to the actual event? Find out Aleisha’s thoughts during this episode. 

Don’t rush things if you don’t feel ready to do things like get hitched. Don’t rush. You have plenty of time

How to accept money without giving up control

Accepting monetary donations for your wedding can help ease the financial strain. It can also increase the pressure to please the donor with your plans. Sometimes money is given with strings attached. Is there a way to accept money from a relative or donor without giving up the decision making control? How can you talk to the person offering money so that they understand their investment doesn’t give them unwanted input into the planning process? Hear what Aleisha has to say about that and much more on this Q&A episode.

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Maybe it’s about rebranding the event as a hen’s day but also in the invitation say “I really want to share this with you, you’re really important people in my life

Filter your feedback

It can be a lot of fun to have friends or family members join your for various aspects of the planning process. These can be special times of love and bonding. But what if your friend or relative has strong and differing opinions from yours? How can you still enjoy spending time with them while not letting their opposing feedback drag you down. As always, open communication is a great start. Find out more advice about dealing with that and other difficult wedding planning issues on the Bridechilla podcast. 

There are ways you can accept money and not have to give away all of the decision making process.

Maintain the bling, care for the ring

Getting engaged is so exciting. You begin to dream and plan not only for the wedding, but also for the life and marriage you are about to begin with the one you love. And you get a beautiful new ring to wear on your finger that symbolizes that love. How do you care for this priceless piece of jewelry? When is it ok to take the ring off? Hear the answer to that and many other questions on this week’s wedding planning Q&A episode of the Bridechilla podcast. 

There are not many people in my life I would take shopping and really want their genuine feedback

Show Highlights

  • [0:26] Aleisha talks about her new voiceover booth in the cupboard

  • [2:52] Introduction of this planning a wedding Q&A episode. 

  • [3:17] The first question is an anonymous email about inviting friends to a hen’s party that aren’t invited to the wedding?

  • [7:27] Kay asks what to do about her boyfriend that talks about his wedding plans and thoughts at length before they are even engaged

  • [12:02] Bridechilla Megean asks what to do about her fiance who doesn’t want to accept money from relatives or other donors

  • [16:42] Aleisha shares a story about accepting money from her dad and how it affected her

  • [27:09] How to proceed with buying a wedding dress when the mother of the bride doesn’t like the same looks that the bride wants

  • [35:03] Do you wear your engagement ring all the time or just for special occasions? 

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