389- Wedding Photography Q&A with Cavin Elizabeth Part 2

by Aleisha

One of Bridchilla’s most popular topics (and guests), wedding photographer Cavin Elizabeth, joins the Bridechilla podcast to answer more wedding photography questions. Once word got out to the Bridechilla community that Cavin Elizabeth was joining the show, the questions flooded in. Cavin has tons of wedding photography experience and wisdom from which she shares advice. During this episode, she answers questions about how to trust your wedding photographer, the importance of contracts, whether or not to tip your vendors, and how to plan the wedding day timeline with your wedding photographer.  (Listen and read the Part 1 blog here)

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Let them (the photographer) be in charge. There’s a reason you hired them. If you don’t trust them to do their jobs then you probably should not have hired them

Hire who you trust, trust who you hire

Bridechilla Jackie asks Cavin how to give a photographer guidance about what kind of pictures they want while still trusting them to do their work well. Cavin encourages couples not to try to micromanage their wedding photographers, especially on the day of the wedding. While it is ok to give them some of your thoughts and ideas, it is best to trust that, if they are professionals, they know how to do their job. Cavin says if you trust them enough to hire them, trust them enough to do their job without micromanaging. 

Bridechilla 389- Wedding Photography Q&A with Cavin Elizabeth Part 2Bridechilla 389- Wedding Photography Q&A with Cavin Elizabeth Part 2

Image by Cavin Elizabeth

There’s all kinds of tipping alternatives that show your gratitude if you don’t or can’t spend any more money on tips.

Tips for Tipping your Wedding Photographer

Tipping vendors is a recurring question that comes up in the Bridechilla community. Should you tip your wedding photographer? If so, how much should you tip? When and how do you give them the tip? Cavin gives advice from her experience of receiving tips for her wedding photography. She also gives some great tipping alternatives that can allow the couple to show gratitude without shelling out even more money. Hear her advice about tipping and much more on this episode of the Bridechilla podcast. 

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Do not hire anybody for your wedding without a contract.

The facts about contracts

When hiring a vendor, you want to ensure that you are getting exactly what you pay for. Even if you are hiring a freelance photographer, it is essential that you have a contract. The contract should lay out the terms of service, any contingencies, and all of the specifics of what you are paying for from that vendor. If a vendor doesn’t offer a contract, you should ask them for one, or even draw one up yourself. Listen to Cavin’s advice about contracts with vendors on this podcast.  

Bridechilla 389- Wedding Photography Q&A with Cavin Elizabeth Part 2Bridechilla 389- Wedding Photography Q&A with Cavin Elizabeth Part 2

Image by Cavin Elizabeth

Anything that is sensitive that could possibly come up when that photographer is dealing with the family, especially in family photos, they need to know.

Dysfunctional family photos

Nobody has the perfect family. Everybody has weird or difficult family dynamics of some sort. A wedding offers a unique opportunity for those dysfunctions to be on full display. How can you deal with difficult or dysfunctional family dynamics. Cavin encourages Bridechillas to give the photographer as much information as possible in advance of the wedding day so that they can help avoid any awkward or harmful situations. Hear all about that and much more on this wedding photography Q&A episode of the Bridechilla podcast. 

Bridechilla 389- Wedding Photography Q&A with Cavin Elizabeth Part 2Bridechilla 389- Wedding Photography Q&A with Cavin Elizabeth Part 2

Image by Cavin Elizabeth

Do not do other people favors for your wedding. If there is something you want for your wedding, do what you want for your wedding

Listen to episode 389 of Bridechilla

Show Highlights

  • [1:46] Bridechilla Jackie asks how to work with a photographer, giving them guidance for what she and her partner want while trusting them to do their job well. 

  • [5:21] One key characteristic of being a bridechilla is treating people with kindness

  • [6:27] Chelsea asks about the rules of tipping your wedding photographer. 

  • [10:30] Cavin Elizabeth talks about the power of referrals

  • [11:57] What are some important issues that should be covered in a photographers contract. 

  • [22:41] Bridechilla asks for tips for dealing with dysfunctional family dynamics while trying to take wedding photos

  • [26:56] How to handle a difficult or potentially disruptive guest coming to your wedding

  • [28:00] When planning the wedding day timeline, how much do you involve the photographer? 

  • [32:16] How to handle frendors and family members who want to work for your wedding, when you don’t want them to?

  • [38:00] Cavin Elizabeth talks about her resources and how you can book her to photograph your wedding. 

Meet This Episode’s Guest

Cavin Elizabeth is an international wedding film and digital photographer based in San Diego. She operates a boutique studio with a focus on personal connection that makes couples more at ease while being photographed for their special day. This gives Cavin’s picture a natural, authentic and romantic look. She also wrote a book entitled A Bride’s Guide to a Picture Perfect Wedding that teaches brides how to get the most out of their wedding photography and have magazine worthy images. Catch up on Cavin’s previous episode of Bridechilla, all about how to find the right wedding photographer for your wedding here

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Show image by Cavin Elizabeth

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